Biden called out for oft-repeated lies during gun control speech

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President Joe Biden was called out for lying to the American people in a speech about gun control Thursday, during which he repeated a debunked claim about the supposed “gun show loophole” and falsely claimed that gun manufacturers are “exempt from being sued.”

What are the details?

Earlier Thursday, the White House issued a news release announcing six executive actions aimed at addressing what the Biden administration called a “gun violence public health epidemic” facing America. The new actions included forthcoming regulations on so-called “ghost guns” and pistol braces, as well as the creation of a model “red flag” law for the states.

Then, during a Rose Garden speech summarizing the actions Thursday afternoon, Biden called on Congress to greatly expand the initiatives and pass laws banning assault weapons, eliminating gun manufacturer immunity, and ending the “gun show loophole.”

Biden announces new gun restrictions, calls for ban on assault weapons

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The problem is, the latter two actions highlighted by the president are talking points not truth, and Washington Free Beacon firearms expert Stephen Gutowski wasn’t about to let Biden’s deception go unnoticed.

In a pair of tweets, Gutowski explained, “Biden just lied about how background checks work. He said gun shows are exempt from background check requirements. That is completely false. All that matters in terms of background checks is whether you are buying from a licensed dealer or not.”

He added:Biden also falsely said gun manufacturers are ‘the only outfit that’s exempt from being sued.’ Biden wants to repeal the [Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act] which only prevents lawsuits based on the criminal misuse of their products by third parties. Gun makers can [be] & are sued for other reasons.”

The gun show loophole is an oft-repeated myth that seemingly will not die. As the Federalist pointed out back when then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was calling for the end of the magical loophole, “It does not exist. There is no loophole in federal law that specifically exempts gun show transactions from any other laws normally applied to gun sales. Not one.”

The only time a background check is not required under federal law is when two private residents of the same state who are not federal firearms licensees engage in a transaction of a firearm. It’s the identity of the parties involved in the transaction that matters, not the venue.

As for the claim that gun manufacturers are “exempt from being sued,” well that’s patently false, too. Gutowski rightly points out that while the PLCAA, also known as the Child Safety Lock Act, protects manufacturers from liability when people use their products to commit crimes, firearms makers are still legally allowed to be sued in numerous other ways.

Anything else?

Making matters worse, White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared to repeat one of the president’s lies during a White House press briefing a few hours later.

When she was asked by a reporter, “Is it the president’s belief that you do not have to undergo a background check when you are at a gun show?” Psaki seemed to misunderstand the question and responded in a way that implicitly affirmed the myth.

“No it’s not his belief. He believes that background checks should be universal,” she said.

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    1. sad. hope you get better, soon. you are thinking of trump, who
      was unable to avoid lying, because of his ignorance and lack
      of morality.
      Biden’s problem has always been that, unlike other pols, he
      cannot tell a lie. he has a reputation for gaffes- but never lies.

      1. What about the four “Pinocchios” (their maximum) the Washington Post recently awarded him?

      2. Really, Jim? The left has always accused Trump of lying but can never seem to back it up with facts. Then with the empty suit Xiden, his lies are so blatant even his supporters cringe at his idiocy!!

        1. Really? Trump does not lie? Gee, fact check websites all seem to agree that Trump told a lie or partial lie or omitted some of the truth 72% of the time. Does Covid ring a bell? Does “I can not submit my taxes because I am under audit.” when the IRS said he could submit his taxes ring a bell? Does “Mexico will pay for that wall!” ring a bell? Does, “Trade wars are easy to win!” ring a bell? You must have been in Trump dreamland when these lies were told!

          1. taxes, so what, you lie and so does all your dumorats, you must be a racist! or a welfare cheat who dont even file taxes. now that you commies are in the white house, lets see what happens, already i cant afford to drive my 18 year old car, cant buy meat, and my electric is going to force me to freeze during the winter. great job at cheating on votes, and screwing us poor retired folks. maybe we should move out of the country we have all been wounded for and let you shitholes stay in your own stench.

          2. top of his class, lmao bottom 2%. i guess thats a biden gaffe too. watch me run up stairs while trump cant even walk down a ramp. i never consult or discussed with hunter his private foreign affairs or business dealings.the list goes on and on. oh i guess these are all biden gaffes too. i marched with the blacks at selma during civil rights years. would you like me to continue, commie ?

      3. LOL!

        The “Minions of Satan” (Anyone who legislates the mass slaughter of unborn and partially born children and legislates immorality and perversion) are always lying!

        Get a life..

      4. Biden believes what he has been told to believe. He lies because he thinks (or doesn’t think) that the lies of others are true. He is perpetuation lie upon lie, and is not willing to see the truth. Biden gaffs because he is mentally inadequate, not in the lies, but in general speaking, because he cannot hold a train of thought. Biden has no morality, and merely spouts the political talking points of the Fascist Democrat Party.

        Trump told the truth, and those who do not want to hear the truth claim the truth to be lies. Those like you who do not want to know the truth will always call the truth a lie, even when facts prove the truth.

        You are infected with a terminal case of TDS. I feel sorry for you that you cannot get better, and that you will go to your grave believing the Fascist Democrat Party lies.

        1. Lying is the base foundation of liberalism / progressiveism / socialism. If you research liberalism you will find this to be totally true. The first lie are the names they use to describe themselves. They use words that are more palatable to society because their true beliefs are in communism, a word which scares people when considering the history of communism. After that their entire movement depends on lying to the people whose lives they are trying to take control over. Who would have voted for Obama if he had exposed to the public his absolute communist background? His biological father, his mothers father and his childhood mentor Frank Marshal Davis were all pure communists. Nancy Pelosi knew full well that Obama was a communist among other social perversions he was part of. The democRAT communist party has been socialist leaning certainly since right after the Civil War I. It took Obama to finally open the flood gates of acceptance for the DNC to expose the leftist agenda they had hidden for so long. The democRAT communist party cannot exist without the deceit and outright evil it is to the American people.

        2. You nailed it! Biden doesn’t lie – he just reads the lies Shumelosi wrote for him on his teleprompter.

      5. He always lies. Lies about his education, place of growing up and how poor his family was. Are you kidding. Do some personal research. He also covers up for his sons criminal activities. These are not gaffes they are lies or rewriting history.

      6. Wow you are a sick demented person who should be in a padded cell receiving treatment. Biden always lies ! He finished college at the bottom of his class not the top. Biden has never had an original thought so he copies from others claiming it’s his own. He was forced to fold up his presidential run because of it. Then Biden did it this past election cycle too but the media and democrat party didn’t care. But he was caught. He lies about everything and anything so much so that he lies even when the truth would serve him better. As for your comment on president Trump you are lying. Lying seems to be a democrat requirement.

      7. Nope, Beijing Briben has a reputation for being cognitively challenged with progressive decline and mental frailty. And, that’s being kind!

      8. Have you no historical knowledge? Go to you tube and watch the numerous time old Joe plagerized the work of others and lied out loud. He also claimed that he got a full scholarship, graduated near the top of his law school class, and that he earned three degrees. None of that is true and he finished Harvard Law at number 74 out of 85.

      9. Only a Liberal considers lies a gaff. Your TDS is apparent. President Trump will be back stronger than ever so your prognosis for TDS is going to get worse.

      10. The only question i have for you is. Were you born an idiot, or did you have to work your way up to it?

      11. And you, sir, are afflicted with not only TDS but a total lack of knowledge when it comes to the lies that Biden has been telling for years. His positions have been all over the map and telling someone to fire a shotgun into the air to scare off a burgler would very likely get them arrested for discharging a firearm within a given distance of another home or occupied building. He is an idiot that has sucked from the public teat for five decades without interruption. His entire family has leeched off of that position as well. He is the portrait of corruption that all you leftist Dems want to claim are the traits of the Republicans or conservatives but have no facts to back it up. Ignorance – as you practice it – must really be bliss.

      12. My god! What a mindless idiot! I don’t think you could find your ass with both hands!
        EVERYTHING you said is the exact opposite of the truth. You really need to stop listening to people like Little George Stepinapileofit and Rachel Maddog!

      13. B’s the left has always lied. Obummer and killary and Biden are among the biggest. Make a list of Trumps lies and see how long that floats.

      14. Get your head out of the hole you have it buried in Jim please? Joe Biden has lied about everything he promised on the campaign trail, fracking, taxes ,vaccines, jobs, and there is no end in sight! Joe Biden has not did one thing for this country that is productive since him and and that laughing hyena Vice President took office but have really put a lot of people out of jobs with his pitiful immigration policy and kill a lot of jobs in the oil industry that can not be replaced with their idiotic green new deal! These people are really corrupt and you useless idiots love it! What’s wrong with you people???

    2. Who Lies Who Has Always Lied?
      Trump definitely just lied and his brainless supporters believed everything! Unfortunately still 🙁
      Nevertheless, it is time for a sensible gun law.
      Not everyone has to walk around with a gun! Wiso is in the
      USA the Abuse of Guns Largest in the World!
      It fits exactly with “america first”!
      I am an arms collector myself and enjoy old antiquities
      Excellent craftsmanship made weapons. It doesn’t have to be a
      Be a mass product of the latest war technology, which is only tempting
      to try it out 🙁 If you have weapons you should also be mentally clear, which I miss with many contemporaries 🙁

  1. That biden lies constantly shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. That’s the one thing that he mastered in his 47+ years in the government.
    What gets me is that how biden, as well as other politicians, will lie to your face knowing that what they are telling you lies, but continue anyway to push their agenda. I guess they are hoping that their followers are too stupid to know that they are lying or that they will accept the lie anyway. You know what, many times it works. That’s why we have who we have in office now.

  2. Biden also said that gun violence in America is “an international embarrassment.” I guess he should know because he is the single best example of “an international embarrassment” that I have ever witnessed!

    1. Biden is a blubbering idiot, a puppet for the radical Left who says only what he’s TOLD to say with little to no understanding of the effects of his wordy pap. But IF, and I emphasize IF, the 2020 election was “free and fair” then America deserves its fate.

      1. Funny how the old SOB hasn’t a clue about what truth his because he hasn’t spoken the truth but once in his last 50 years.

        That was the day when he said during a speech “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” —Joe Biden in a colossal “political gaffe” (when a politician unintentionally tells the truth) Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history. Those of us that watched any of the MSM news outlets election night witnessed with our own eyes that vote counts were for the first time in history {decreasing} from hour to hour. Please explain how vote count totals can do that legally when the machines should not have the ability to subtract?

  3. Can we sue car makers when they are used by deranged people use them to commit criminal acts, such as when they ram crowds, or when they are used to rob a bank, or when a drunk driver hits and kills others? It is ridiculous to sue a company when what they make is used in a manner that is criminal. Other than car makers, what about knife makers, rat poison makers, spray paint makers, nail polish, glue and many other products that are used for illegal purposes. Let’s get real, quit being idiots and get back to individual responsibility.

    1. Hey LK, you cannot sue the nursing homes in New York, when they Kill your old Mother or Grand Ma.
      WHY ARE THEY PROTECTED? Let me think! Anthony Cuomo- IL DUCI another POS LIBERIAL is PROTECTING THEM.

  4. A man with STAGE 3 DEMENTIA… and he’s talking? Moreover: He’s PRESIDENT? Who voted for this man?!! I didnt! OH, Thats RIGHT: He STOLE his position!!! He’ not even LEGITIMATE.

    NEVER MIND: Nothing he says, does is ‘binding’ on the American People!!
    NOT A DAMMED THING!! He can sign EO’s all day – and they can be rightfully, dutifully.. like him – ignored!

    1. And please, for those of you who might not know about this fact, all member states of the republic have the “right of nullification” available to them. Contact your state legislators. Nullification, in United States constitutional history, is a legal theory that a state has the right to nullify, or invalidate, any federal laws which that state has deemed unconstitutional with respect to the United States Constitution (as opposed to the state’s own constitution).

      “Thus the right of nullification meant by Mr. Jefferson is the natural right, which all admit to be a remedy against insupportable oppression”. – James Madison (1834).

      The states had the power to nullify a federal law that exceeded powers given to Congress in the constitution. The law could then be declared null and void in that state. Congress could repeal the law or could pass a constitutional amendment giving it the powers in question. – John C. Calhoun

      This means that individual states can refuse to uphold / enforce any federal law that the citizens of said state believes to be unconstitutional as a remedy for rogue government suppression.

  5. Since I am old, I can no longer fight for freedom. All of you young people better WAKE UP or you will no longer
    be Citizens you will be Subjects. the Second Amendment AS IT IS, is the ONLY THING KEEPING THIS FROM

    1. So true Neal. We are being stripped of our rights one layer at a time- like peeling an onion. These “kids” (as I am not a spring chicken myself either) don’t seem to realize how good things are that they get to enjoy from government not taking away their freedoms and liberties.
      There are plenty of examples in other countries that have strict gun control laws where violence has increased because the public is not able to fully protect themselves, and there are examples where mass murder including in schools where the weapon on choice was a blade. If the person intends harm they will find a way with whatever they can use.

      1. Citizens of Australia, France, Canada and England have all “pleaded” with the U.S. to DO NOT follow in our
        footsteps to disarm your citizens, it is a terrible mistake.

  6. He always lies. Lies about his education, place of growing up and how poor his family was. Are you kidding. Do some personal research. He also covers up for his sons criminal activities. These are not gaffes they are lies or rewriting history.

  7. Whenever you have to lie to get your point across your point isn’t worth excrement! If you read enough forums you realize most Americans will die before they give up their guns. The second amendment is to protect us from our own government tyranny which is what’s happening now. This is going to start a civil war. And the way a civil works is first you go after the politicians that propose the stupid suppression of our rights then you go after the people that vote for this crap ( Democrats ). How many Democrats are willing to die for the country they hate as opposed to conservatives who love their country? I did say conservatives because their are some Republicans out there who talk the talk but are too wishy washy to stop this bullshit. It’s time to take our country back. All these lies from Democrats remind me of an interview with James Carvelle , President Clinton’s mouth piece who said he couldn’t do what he did for Clinton spouting crap for Republicans because you can say anything to a Democrat and they’ll believe it. People better wake up to the socialist take over of this country or you will see a civil war that makes the last civil war look like a play ground argument!

    1. Gun control to conservatives is the unconstitutional act of infringing upon an individuals right to protect their own life and liberty codified in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

      Gun control to liberals is a guarantee of protection of the lives of evil reprobate politicians.

      But when has the democRAT communist party ever let the Constitution stop them from doing anything?

      I firmly believe that if Biden or Harris actually attempt to confiscate any arms from the American people they will start Civil War II. And liberalism will lose as has happened before in history.

  8. Biden is a fool. That so many voted for this demented old man does not say much for the voting public. If they can feel safe & secure with this doddering old man running things, what could their IQs be?

    1. Dopey Joe is about to be tested very soon by three countries that Trump has very reasonable relations with. The border crisis will seem like a “day in the park” when this starts up.

  9. Why do you think gun and ammunition sales are going through the roof ?
    These people aren’t just “plinking “, they are gearing up for war !
    I know of a half dozen “groups “ ( unorganized militias ) that have formed in my area since November.
    The ignorant politicians are clueless and can’t or won’t see the handwriting on the wall . I call it the Marie Antoinette Syndrome. And we all know how that ended !

  10. When your ideas are so bad that lying is necessary to complete your agenda your agenda is clearly not something the majority of people want to live under (think Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin). Does Joke Biden ever tell the truth? I have yet to hear it.

  11. I would like to get people’s opinions on something I have been thinking about for a long time. It has become increasingly obvious to me that the U.S. basically has two kinds of people (liberals and conservatives) that are completely different from each other, and more important, are fundamentally incompatible with each other. I don’t think this will ever change, and, if anything, the gap appears to be steadily widening over time. Just as for a couple who are so different that they cannot live with each other, so, too, the American people can no longer all live with each other. Why not, then, admit this to ourselves and get a divorce? In other words, let’s split the U.S. into two countries, one conservative and one liberal, and everyone can decide which part they would prefer to live in. We can divide the country into North/South, East/West, or diagonally. Once having made the election, a person cannot move to the other half without applying for admission and being accepted. (No more Californians being allowed to move out of their self-inflicted mess and moving to Nevada, or Washington, or Texas, or Arizona and ruining that state as well. This way, we can all separate, and each new country can be run however it wants, and hopefully be run more in accordance with how each group wants to live without waging the civil war which seems to be getting closer and closer for the U.S. if no action is taken. OPINIONS? WOULD YOU SUPPORT SUCH AS IDEA? DO YOU THINK IT CAN BE DONE?

  12. You know what the old wise man said? We’ll See…Yeah, We’ll See how this one plays out. They are either Goading the American public into a WAR They want…Which I think is what they have wanted the entire time-so they can call their UN and Cabal cronies in to “Quell” the uprising. We’ll See how that turns out. Like Cliff High said: “We’re a bunch of Raspy Bastards that don’t even like our own govt.”. OR, the Military steps in and finally announces that the Pederast of the US federal corporation is ‘Illegitimate’. Oh, I think this ends in maybe an entirely different way, but if they don’t want this entire Country in flames by July 4th they will bring Trump back. But, I know that is NOT what They(as in They Live…) Want. They want utter Tyranny and complete Arbitrary Power…

    We’ll See…

  13. Fu** Biden and his lies. We need to stand up to this infringement once and for all. I will never surrender any firearm, mag, bullet, or whatever the case may be. Come and get them, comrade!

    1. Hi Stefan, you have seen too many Rambo films and you want to interpret that. If the going gets tough you will probably shit your pants!

  14. The only permit you need to bear arms is one you do not have to buy or carry on your person.

    It is called the US Constitution.

  15. muslim control, not gun control.
    muslim control, not car control.
    muslim control, not machete control.

    Deport all muslims as the national security threats their quran and genocidal actions have proven them to be for over 1400 years!

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