New research shows homicides rose in cities that experienced Black Lives Matter protests

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New research found that homicides rose in American cities that experienced Black Lives Matter protests between 2014 and 2019.

The findings come after America experienced one of its most protest-loaded years in recent history following the death of George Floyd. Demonstrations in support of black lives, and against police violence, took place in cities across the U.S., and even garnered international support.

What are the details?

Travis Campbell, a Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, discovered a significant rise in homicides in American cities where Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated between 2014 and 2019.

In fact, Campbell found a 10% increase in homicides in such cities, translating to thousands of more-than-expected deaths.

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On the other hand, Campbell found that Black Lives Matter protests often resulted in a significant reduction in police-related shooting deaths, the stated goal of protesters.

Vox explained:

From 2014 to 2019, Campbell tracked more than 1,600 BLM protests across the country, largely in bigger cities, with nearly 350,000 protesters. His main finding is a 15 to 20 percent reduction in lethal use of force by police officers — roughly 300 fewer police homicides — in census places that saw BLM protests.

Campbell’s research also indicates that these protests correlate with a 10 percent increase in murders in the areas that saw BLM protests. That means from 2014 to 2019, there were somewhere between 1,000 and 6,000 more homicides than would have been expected if places with protests were on the same trend as places that did not have protests.

Why the increase?

Vox suggested two possibilities for the increase in homicides.

“[O]ne possible explanation is that police morale drops following scrutiny, leading officers to reduce their efforts and thereby emboldening criminals. Another is that members of the public voluntarily withdraw from engagements with the police after a police homicide delegitimizes the justice system in their eyes,” Vox reported.

Deepak Premkumar, a research fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California, has similarly observed a significant rise of 10% to 17% in murders and robberies following highly publicized police-involved shooting deaths.

Indeed, the so-called “Ferguson effect” suggests there is a rise in violent crime following such incidents because of a reduction in proactive policing.

Anything else?

Unfortunately, due to the scope of the research, last summer’s protests were not included in the study.

However, crime in major cities did skyrocket last year.

In fact, 63 of 66 of the largest American police jurisdictions reported increases in violent crime last year, which continues into 2021. Overall, there was a 33% increase in homicides across major American cities, CNN reported.

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  1. Math, it’s always about the math. It’s a constant and unless manipulated by the media or Democratic government this holds correct. So let’s go through the math.
    1. Per U.S. DOJ #1 cause of death of young black males -gun fire by another black male.
    2. One Major US city -Philadelphia 2020 stats -500 homocides over 450 were black and brown.mostly black and %99 of their killers were too. 1 incident with a police shooting of black man armed with 6 inch knife.lead to days of riots! hmm
    3 George Floyd resisted arrest
    4 Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend shot a cop so resisted arrest
    4 Michael Brown assaulted officer resisted arrest
    5 Rayshard Brooks dui/drunk felon on parole assaulted officers resisted arrest stole taser etc shot at them.
    6.Eric Garner longtime felon & Resisted arrest.
    7 Duanne Wright had warrants assaulted officers resisted arrest.

    I could go on and on showing examples of people of color who were killed after resisting arrest. It’s the math here ! The common denominator here they all resisted arrest. The math shows it, the media is afraid to call it out. Can’t blame the black person. Also he media can’t call out the black community. If your black it’s nearly 100x times more likely to be killed by someone who looks just like them instead of the police. The DOJ stats actually show white people way more often killed by American police, but the truth doesn’t sell commercials. Nobody cares when a white Person is shot by police. Sadly nobody’s cares or riots when a white officer is shot and killed by a black person. We are supposed to believe that today’s generation of cops raised on Mr Rogers ,Sesame Street in 2021 are more racist then police in the 60s-70s. That’s just not mathematically possible. As they used to say in the RV show the X -files the truth is out there. You just have to look for it . Unfortunately the media the BLM movement aren’t actually concerned about the truth!

    1. It’s comments like yours that keep setting us back. Comments like yours that ruin it for the rest of us that simply want to bury Racism forever and have it be nothing more than a moment in history, a bad moment.

  2. The problem with the “fewer police related shootings” could be nothing more than the cops not wanting to make waves. I seriously do not think that that BLM accomplished anything good. Ever.

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