BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Rioters Vandalize Portland Church (VIDEO)


Black Lives Matter rioters have vandalized The First Covenant Church in Portland.

The church website says that it was founded by a “group of gospel-minded immigrants. These sisters and brothers gave themselves to the work of the gospel, and built a church for the generations.”

“First Covenant Portland is a historic church in the Evangelical Covenant Church. For 135 years and counting, our community has been planted in Portland to love this city and her people,” their website reads. “Today, we carry that legacy forward. We are: A small church that loves generously. A historic church with deep roots. A neighborhood church serving our city.”

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On Monday evening, the glass doors on the church were shattered.

People in the residential area where the rioting took place went outside to clean up after the mob passed through. Their recycling bins had been rolled into the street and set ablaze in front of the church — for justice, or something.

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The mob started at the Penumbra Kelly Building, in response to a combative man being shot by police in Minnesota after escaping from handcuffs and reaching into his vehicle.

The far left mob also threw bottles, rocks. glass and fireworks at officers, according to Portland Police Bureau officials.

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  1. Communists don’t believe in religion, so communist blm doesn’t either!

    Remove all communist controlled democrats from office! period.

  2. It’s all good! They have a right to do whatever they want – because they’re black! (tic)
    Don’t forget their new 2nd favorite word – “Reparation”!
    In this venue, I can’t say what their 1st favorite word is.

  3. Dear lord in heaven, please let patriotic, legal Americans who love this country step up and start shooting these rabid animals down in the streets like they deserve!

  4. Right on Shooter! Only thing is we should have started a long time ago. Like at the beginning of this B.S. in 2020

  5. I am a nurse, and if these so called docs in Boston really think that leaving someone without care because of skin color, they are not doctors. Real doctors treat anyone needing care no matter what color they happen to be, black, white, tan, or blue with pink polka dots!! You are a detrement to a noble profession!!

  6. A couple of bus loads of BLM people came to our town and were greeted by about 60 well armed citizens. They turned around and left. Maybe that is what it takes to let these people they are not welcome in your home town.

  7. Eric Garner- resisted arrest
    Rayshard Brooks – resisted arrest
    George Floyd- resisted arrest
    Duane Wright- resisted arrest
    George Wallace- resisted arrest
    Lil Murda -Chicago kid – resisted arrest
    Breonna Taylor’s- boyfriend shot the police

    I could keep going and going . They all broke the law and then they fought the law and the law won/ and then lost . These riots are bullshit . The Democrats in control of these cities are just to spineless to tell the truth and stop them with force.Stop breaking the law and resisting arrest and you’ll stop gettin killed. It’s actually a fairly simple concept. Side note the homocide rates are up in every Democrat city nationwide. 90% of the victims are people of color. 99% of the suspects in these murders are too. The truth is very painful , but at the end of the day it’s the truth.

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