MSNBC Panel Defends ‘Uncle Tim’ Tag, Says Tim Scott Doesn’t Understand Racism

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MSNBC’s The ReidOut went all out in showing its hatred for Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), trashing his speech as proof he deserved the label “Uncle Tim” on account of his support for the party that they claimed was the reason why he grew up poor and his grandfather was illiterate. Worse yet, they argued that, since Scott refused to America “a racist country,” he doesn’t understand racism while white liberals like Pete Buttigieg.

But more broadly, it helped further reveal on Thursday what many have pointed to, which is the vitriol further underlined the left’s disdain for America, intolerance toward racial minorities who identify aren’t progressive, and believe that such people of color are loathsome or less intelligent or for not recognizing what’s in their best interest.

Fill-in host Jason Johnson teased he would take issue with Scott’s failure “to base” Republican “priorities on reality” and then said it’s fair to say Scott has “sold out” to his race by being a Republican. 

However, he did express discomfort with the “Uncle Tim” label as it reminded him of both the length it was up as a trending topic but also because it harkened back to Condolezza Rice being called Aunt Jemima.

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Frequent MSNBC guest Christina Greer had no such uneasiness and even defended the slur because it was a public display of “the internal conversations that many black people have about Tim Scott and the Republican Party” since he supports the GOP and the Trump presidency.

Greer then argued Scott should come to his senses and realize that his Republican Party was the reason why he grew up poor, began with a less-than-stellar education, and had an illiterate grandfather.

She further added that Scott deserved to be tagged a betrayal to Black people because he’s “weaponize[d] Christianity” in order to offend Christian Democrats (click “expand”):

So, that’s where the lack of respect comes from. When he talks about growing up in a one-bedroom house, ask yourself, why did you grow up in a one-bedroom house? Because your party doesn’t believe in equality. Ask yourself why your grandfather didn’t know how to read? It’s because your party actually defunds education. Ask yourself why it is that you went to failing schools? It’s because your party doesn’t value education, especially for black youths, especially for people in the south. So the fact that Tim Scott tried to make it an individual conversation when it should be a larger, institutional problem that his party is part of and one of the main reasons why we have such inequity explains why this Uncle Tim hashtag was trending and explains the frustration also that many Democratic Christians had where he’s trying to weaponize Christianity in a way lots of democratic Christians are like what are you talking about? Like, we can actually believe in, you know, Christ or whatever the indoctrination is without actually having policies that — that destroy not just our country, but so many people across the — across the globe. 

Cobb later piled on by suggesting Scott doesn’t think white supremacy has been a deadly problem in the United States because of his “astounding,” “embarrassing,” and “indefensible” comments about “woke supremacy.”

Pointing to how he’s “lost track of how many black people have been killed…this month” by police, Cobb lashed out at Scott for his refusal to state his hatred for America.

He also said what he believed Scott should have said, which was that “yes, this is a racist country” because “every single major institution” (and thus ostensibly every non-BIPOC born) exists to keep African-Americans down.

Cobb added with his thesis, which was that Scott’s refusal to say America’s racist has signaled that doesn’t actually “know what racism is.”

Johnson was wound up to offer a hot take of his own, insisting that the white transportation secretary from Indiana knows racism better than Scott: “When Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg can say we literally have racism baked into our highway system, I really don’t think Tim Scott is in much of a position to criticize him.”

After a portion dismissing Scott’s ideas on police reform as proof he doesn’t want to stop Black deaths at the hands of police, Johnson wrapped with Greer by sharing laugh over Greer’s delusion that she has “no idea what’s in the heart of Tim Scott” in terms of his commitment to police reform and the Black community (as well as more racist dismissals) (click “expand”):

JOHNSON: I have difficulty believing a guy who can on one hand say I’m tired of being pulled over by the police, I’m worried about it, is going to be serious when it comes to police reform. 

GREER: Right. I have no idea what’s in the heart of Tim Scott, just to put that out there. [JOHNSON LAUGHS] But let’s be clear. That entire party is being held hostage by Donald Trump because none of them can plan for their future in 2024 until the former President decides whether he wants to get off the sidelines or not. I think also Tim Scott is their poster boy. Here’s their one. So if they’re going to talk about a racial issue, he’s the one. Give it to Mikey. Put him out front. Let him talk about policing and cops and whatever it may be. And so — and he’s willing to do that. He’s always been willing to do that —


GREER: — and that’s how and why he’s the one who gave the rebuttal. 

MSNBC’s repugnant disdain for Scott being a Republican was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as Amazon Prime Video, Farmer’s Insurance, and Sketchers. Follow the links to the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

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  1. Tim Scott, a black man, does not understand racism. Now, just how stupid is a statement like that. Racism is the democratic word for anyone that does not agree with any point they try to make. Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing the word racist or racism. All this is doing is dividing our country. If that is the democratic goal, they are succeeding. And it is not all democrats. It is mostly those democrats in power. They forget two things: 1st, they are supposed to be working for the people. Second: They forget the oath they took when sworn into office. One part was to uphold the constitution. If they cannot keep that oath, resign from office. You do not belong there.

  2. MSNBC have gone over the edge. Did they not listen to what Tim Scott had to say. They need to go back to quoting Joe Biden and his stupid gaffs ……

  3. That’s because the outlet is racially biased on anything that doesn’t fit there narrowed tunnel vision. The people on that panel are evidently those who prospered by the very system they condemn. They are so foolish.
    Uncle Tim (Tom), was a character in a book which at the time allowed people to realize they needn’t fear skin color. It is so wrong to look at it the same way in our culture today. It was a stepping stone up for the black American. It led to MLK, and Rosa Parks, who did more for civil rights than Malcolm X, and the black Panthers ever did with their fear tactics. The ‘panel’ has no right to judge via their agenda’s view. They are taking over 50 yrs of progress and turning it into the ‘poor me’ teaching which is causing more division in the past 12+ yrs, then it did in the past 50+ Yrs. it’s a sad state of affairs.

  4. A black man growing up poor in the south doesn’t know what racism is, more like these folks have no clue what racism is…

  5. Tim Scott has set himself apart from these folks on the democrat plantation, maybe one day they’ll grow up.

  6. Without the race card, the Dem party has nothing and is nothing. What have they done for the crumbling cities that their parties preside over? New York city is a wreck, and what of the others? Every one is a cluster! It has gotten so bad in NY that they have lost a house seat because people are moving out of the nightmare named New York. You can only treat people badly for so long, then it’s going to bite you in the ass…

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