ABC Helpfully Blames Trump as Biden Cancels Wall Construction During a Border Crisis

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On Saturday’s Good Morning America, ABC White House correspondent MaryAlice Parks issued a press release for the Biden administration’s mind-boggling decision to cancel border-wall construction projects in the middle of a border crisis. Liberal bias enables liberal shamelessness.

Parks used the usual Democrat spin that the Trump administration only built 80 miles of “new wall” and repeated the canard that the border crisis is Trump’s fault. 

Anchor Dan Harris began the report by recalling that the Biden administration would be sending funding back to the Defense Department that had been allocated by Trump for border wall construction.

DAN HARRIS: Meanwhile, here at home, the Biden administration is now moving to cancel funding for the border wall and return the funds to the Pentagon. ABC’s White House correspondent, MaryAlice Parks, is on the South Lawn with that story. MaryAlice, good morning to you.

MARYALICE PARKS: Good morning to you, Dan. From day one, we’ve seen President Biden break away from President Trump’s border policies. And now this latest move, the administration saying they are formally returning billions of dollars back to the Department of Defense that have been diverted for border wall construction. And like you said, they’re planning to cancel all existing construction contracts there on the border wall.

The Trump administration only built about 80 miles of new wall where wall hadn’t existed before.

Parks sounded like a lawyer cited “new wall where wall hadn’t existed before.” If you replaced a rickety dam that didn’t prevent any water from flowing through, would it sound credible to say “but they didn’t build a new dam where a dam hadn’t existed before”?

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Fact-checkers have noted this legalism, but also noted the reality that more than 400 miles of new wall have been built, with several hundred miles of improved wall replacing the shoddy, ineffectual barriers that were previously there. The argument that the improved border wall had reduced illegal crossings in those areas where it was built was totally ignored.

She then repeated the Jen Psaki spin pushing blame onto Trump without even trying to fact-check the claims:

Some Republicans — as you can imagine — are blasting the Biden administration, saying that this will exacerbate the migrant crisis. But the White House wrote in a statement that they inherited a broken immigration system that wasted billions of taxpayer dollars and neither kept the American people safe nor adhered to our values. Now, they say the money will go instead to daycares and schools on military bases. The big question now: What will happen to the wall overall? The administration says they’re still reviewing all of it.

This blatantly ignores the illegal immigrants who credit Biden’s dramatic easing of immigration enforcement as their reason for rushing the border. This is more repeating than reporting.

This shoddy journalism was sponsored in part by Edward Jones. Their contact information is linked.

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  1. I find it amazing that every bad thing going on in this country the demonrats and the rest of liberal idiots blame Trump for,God forbid they own up to their screw ups and I’ll bet most of America still wants that wall built and the border closed,we have an influx of MS-13 entering the country thanks to Biden opening the boarder and have made thier presence known by doing drive by shootings and attacking innocent people and it’s only going to get worse

    1. can you please show documented evidence of these attacks – they sound awful! folks need to be aware of them and of course, it must be backed up with facts so they get the message.

  2. ABC is a sham as is CNN and al the other left wing news groups. All they do is spin lies and mislead gullible people. One day the eyes of the American sheep will be opened and they will be exposed for what they are, gutless anti American scumbags who are determined to destroy America.

  3. Do these so-called journalists really believe they convince any (other than the little circle of their own sphere) regular people of the total BS? If they do then I have some swamp land to sell them. I hope that they realize that saying things like this turns more against them; check out the decline in ratings of ALL the major stations including ABC for confirmation. If their ears were ever listening to what their mouth was saying it would stuff a rag in it.

  4. 60 Billion out of a Trillion dollar Military budget…

    Beyond disingenuous…

    …the Lie is claiming that a 60 Billion dollar wall will damage the defense budget

    1. With that retired general as top dog at the pentagon to “quell conservitism’, watch for a raise for the military as a “carrot” to gain allegiance to the Xiden aministration to have the military halt any uprising against the communist coup now in the W.H..

  5. President Donald Trump attempted to pass meaningful immigration reform and was excoriated by the open border socialists in Washington and the lame stream media.To alleviate the flood of illegal aliens our President pushed through wall construction on the southern border as the only avenue left to him to stop the flow of drugs and human trafficking. Now owing to a fraudulent election we are being invaded by the very forces DJT was trying to stop. It is obvious that the powers that are currently in charge will stand with the invaders and against the American taxpayers who will be responsible for paying the billions of dollars it will take to care for these interlopers. This willful and treasonous abandonment of our immigration law is unconscionable and dangerous. WE THE PEOPLE are being fleeced by an illegitimate administration ignoring the law and the sentiment of the majority.

  6. As if our news media couldn’t possibly be any more stupid. And we wonder why the masses are so misinformed and clueless as to what is really going on.

  7. It is hard to believe that the libs are still blaming Trump for their failures. Trump had the border in check. and Biden destroyed that. Trump pushed thru the covid vaccine and Biden is taking credit for that. Trump made up free of foreign oil and Biden destroyed that. Trump created millions of jobs and Biden destroyed millions of jobs. Trump gained the respect of foreign leaders, Biden is a laughing stock in the foreign community. Trump built a great military and Biden is tearing it down. Everything Trump built the democrats want to tear it down Why do the democrats want to destroy our great country?

    1. wow John: Biden absolutely should take credit for the vaccine as well as Trump. We would have had better outcomes if Trump had acted in the right way initially though.

      How did Biden destroy millions of Jobs? – please document facts –

      where in the world did you find facts that Trump was respected by foreign leaders? way off base partner. He was and still is a joke among international leaders – there’s lots of documented evidence to prove this by the way. North Korea – well their opinion will always be what’s best for their image. Thank God Biden is regaining the respect of our allies.

      Biden has the full respect of the millitary – try fact checking to see if Trump did.

      As far as our world and mankind’s hopes to save it from pollution goes (for all future mankind not just us today who seem to want to demand instant gratification) We have to work together – your children and mine.
      Paris Accord, FDA restrictions all benefit YOU and your families in the future – please think outside the cocoon.

      I Respect your opinion John but we need statements backed with facts!

      May the force be with you…

      1. Go to “redit” fellow libtards will rejoice. Here is the facts you so crave…..1. Patriots are here. 2. You belong on “redit”. Later libtard.

  8. Do you mean the wall trump promised mexico would pay for?
    With the influx of people seeking asylum here. I don’t see any caravans of rape and pillagers.

  9. Funny thing is they passed a bipartisan bill that democrats overwhelmingly supported over a decade ago to put up a barrier at the border but they never did, I don’t recall any legislation that changed or otherwise cancelled that bill so it’s time we hold them to what they passed previously.

  10. Biden is a piss ant, pissing on everything our great country was made of and with all due respect Jill Biden is the trasheous first lady that America has ever had, Americans no longer have rights the illegals now have all the rights, America is going to hell in a handbag because of the Liberals and Democrats, Biden is a proven liar, plagiarist, propagandist in other words he is a total loser and sorry excuse for a president and human being. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TO LATE.

    1. Sam: before making childish uninformed statements as you have please reinforce with FACTS.
      Document proof that Biden is a liar please. show dates and times – thank you

      Jill Biden is a most gracious, true blue First Lady – please research her background before making slanderous remarks like this.

      Sam, you are right though if we don’t do something about voting rights all Americans will suffer. Americans will no longer have rights.

      I Back Biden!

      Lets back truth – not emotion.

      1. Are you saying you don’t want Americans to have rights? Are you saying that our voting has been compromised and therefore we will no longer have rights? Please clarify that and back that up with facts.

        I understand you are for Biden and who you vote for should be your perrogative, but if our last election was compromised as you infer, we are in big trouble.

  11. If Any of My Family or Myself come to any Harm however Slight from an Illegal let in by the Biden Administration I will Hold Them Personally Responsible, and I Will Get My Pound of Flesh from Them One Way or Another that I Promise!

  12. This horrendous use and repetitive abuse of issuing fake news will never stop unless the government steps up and makes the media accountable for all the lies that they make up and perpetuate. These reporters are supposed to bring facts to the public but learned long ago that they can stray be bringing opinions to the viewers instead of facts — without any penalties or accountability. They are no longer ‘journalists’ but instead sound more like ‘Dr. Odd’.

    But shame on all those citizens who believe what they hear from big tech and the MSM without fact checking these reports themselves. How lazy can we be to simply accept such outrageous lies — especially when the MSM shares the same lies among themselves and repeat them ad infinitum. Conservative outlets now spend most of their time rebutting these outlandish statements and don’t have the time or energy to further the conservative views.

    1. I fact check everything – Way to go Scott!
      However, I do find a lot of true stories and facts.
      If incorrect statements were not made in the first place then rebuttal time would decrease and thus more time to spread the word.

      1. The question is whose word will be spread and how much truth will be spread. After all, the incident in Chicago where two white men attacked a black actor was supposed to be the truth, but then it was disproved. How will will know whose work is truth??

  13. I find it amusing that the liberals who commented on this site are telling everyone to put forth documentation, and yet they themselves pull a biden and just recite talking points…that’s all they can do since they have been brain washed beyond having a mind of their own. By the way, the dnc owns their mind!! So don’t be to hard on these losers, they try their best to look sensible, but it’s not working, and anyone with 1/2 a brain can see through it!

  14. Of course they’re not going to mention the OTHER 320 miles of DILAPIDATED BARB WIRE that was REPLACED by the new wall. And if what WAS ‘built’ didn’t ‘protect’ anything, why were there only 7,000 illegal entries in ALL of 2020?

  15. Here is one more fact for Orphan Anmie……check out that Biden video of him “sniffing” little girls. Disgusting P.O.S.

  16. Don’t any of you remember back in December of 2018, Trump had a chance to squash this but he did not. I voted for Trump, I back him now, but he had a chance to build this wall and he turned it down to give all the money to the military and then siphon it to his wall but it did not work or happen. So really they are right he had the chance but didn’t do it and this country will pay now. I here all this talk but who is going down to the southern border and doing anything about it? No one is if it is our country lets take it back. Jan 6th people had a chance and they failed, The Dems put up a wall and stopped it if it was even real in the first place, I think it was the left in right wing clothing.

  17. I believe that after Biden’s latest (only) televised speech that even CNN reported the first four points Biden spoke about were not true (read lies). Hmmm…..just sayin’.


  19. Man.. I am glad I don’t buy used cars from ABC…. otherwise the 60,000 mile car actually had 300,000 miles on it!! 80 miles of new border wall (and even some of that replacement) reported instead of 400+ replacement? Give us a break…. plus some of the “Border Fencing” that was replaced was no more than a split rail falling down marker of the border in the first place. I bet the ABC executives have better fencing around their mansions to keep “the riff-raff” away while they lie, lie, lie!

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