California to Release 63,000 Violent and Repeat Felons Back Onto Streets to Create “Safer Prisons”


California will release at least 76,000 inmates including 63,000 violent criminals and repeat felons back onto the streets in order to create “safer prisons.”

It also includes 20,000 inmates who are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole.

“The goal is to increase incentives for the incarcerated population to practice good behavior and follow the rules while serving their time and participate in rehabilitative and educational programs, which will lead to safer prisons,” Dana Simas, a state Office of Administrative Law spokeswoman, said in a statement.

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“Additionally, these changes would help to reduce the prison population by allowing incarcerated persons to earn their way home sooner,” she added.

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NBC News reported:

With little notice, California on Saturday is increasing early release credits for 76,000 inmates, including violent and repeat felons, as it further trims the population of what once was the nation’s largest state correctional system.

More than 10,000 inmates convicted of a second serious but nonviolent offense under the state’s “three strikes” law will be eligible for release after serving half their sentences. That’s an increase from the current time-served credit of one-third of their sentence.

The same increased release time will apply to nearly 2,900 nonviolent third strikers, the corrections department projected.

Also as of Saturday, all minimum security inmates in work camps, including those in firefighting camps, will be eligible for the same month of earlier release for every month they spend in the camp, regardless of the severity of their crime.

The changes were approved this week by the state Office of Administrative Law, with little public notice. They were submitted and approved within a three-week span as emergency regulations.

Republican state Senator Jim Nielsen, who was previously in charge of the state parole board, blasted Governor Newsom for acting unilaterally.

“He’s doing it on his own authority, instead of the will of the people through their elected representatives or directly through their own votes,” Nielsen said. “This is what I call Newsom’s time off for bad behavior. He’s putting us all at greater risk and there seems to be no end to the degree to which he wants to do that.”

Newsom faces a recall election this year after a robust recall campaign gathered more than 2 million signatures in an effort to oust the governor.

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  1. Time for Commiefornia residents to lock and load. Protect themselves from the Neo-fascist democrat policies intended to harm LEGAL American citizens.

      1. Considering the release, a new DA that prefers to releaee violent criminals with gun offenses, as well as not sending attorneys for release hearings (more releases) and a lot of broke people drom lock downs, I’d say you’re spot on, that’s a very smart thing. Use your head, he didn’t say go out murdering everyone. He said lock and load and defend yourself, families and your home. But feel free to allow yourself to be burglarized, raped or whatever else they have in store for you!

  2. These people are in prison for a reason. To let them out is insane. I hope that California while they open the prison doors are changing their concealed carry law from “may issue” to “shall issue”. Now that would make CA just a little safer. The ultimate way to make CA safer however is to remove the democrat party from power there.

  3. They want to keep the prisons safer but let innocent people come under attack from violent felons where is the logic behind this,this administration is destroying the country

  4. So they want more violent criminals on the streets, less cops and they want to take people’s guns away. Gotcha.

  5. if they want to let all the old criminals out that means the prisons will have plenty of room, so round up all the democraps and make them serve out the terms that the old prisoners are to serve plus another 50 years for being stupid then make the old prisoners in charge of the prisons fair is fair.

  6. Just one link in the long chain of events the socialists have planned to bring we, the people, to our knees in the orchestrated destruction of America. Could it be more obvious that they care nothing about us – other than to make us subservient to them?

  7. And they will surely blame Trump somehow for the resulting upsurge in crime and violence!

  8. What COULD possibly go wrong with this genius idea? Could it be that Newsom is going to get recalled? Hopefully the next governor of Commiefornia will resend this lunacy.

  9. Seriously??? Make prisons safer??? What about the streets?? California is run by morons elected by morons.

  10. This kind of mindless idiocy just reinforces the need for Police to use Deadly Force more effectively when criminals are first encountered. If more of them died when they shoot at the cops, or whatever, then there is less chance of additional harm to Society…

  11. The Left wants to defund the police, let violent criminals loose in society and disarm U.S. citizens. Take a moment and think about that. ‘Sane’ people do not do these things.

  12. Way to go (once again) California. To make prisons “safer” you’re releasing thousands of violent felons back into society so that they can practice ‘good behavior’?? Have you ever heard of the word “recidivist”? Now I suppose you’re going to give each one of them 3 more bites of the apple (law abiding citizens) before you even hold them on bail. Over a 4 year time period 66 percent of released felons were rearrested for serious crimes. This at a time when California is defunding the police? Let’s see how having more criminals on the street with less police officers works out. No wonder people are leaving Cal and tourism continues dropping like a rock. Time to raise taxes on your goofy liberals again!

  13. Criminals, especially violent ones, are locked up for a reason. This simple logic seems to escape the liberal legislators of California to the detriment of the citizens.

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