Michelle Obama defends Black Lives Matter, says black people live in fear

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Former first lady Michelle Obama defended Black Lives Matter by explaining that she and other black people live in fear while doing everyday tasks.

She made the comments to Gayle King of CBS News in an interview to be aired on Monday.

“We know that while we’re all breathing a sigh of relief over the verdict, there’s still work to be done,” said Obama.

“Many of us still live in fear as we go to the grocery store, or worry about our — walking our dogs, or allowing our children to get a license,” she said.

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She went on to specifically talk about her worries related to her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, who are 19 and 22 years old, respectively.

“Every time they get in a car by themselves, I worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn’t know everything about them,” Obama explained.

“The fact that they are good students and polite girls,” she added. “But maybe they’re playin’ their music a little loud. Maybe somebody sees the back of their head and makes an assumption.”

She also said that many of the protesters don’t want to be out demonstrating but feel that it is necessary.

“All those Black Lives Matter kids, they’d rather not have to worry about this, they’re takin’ to the streets because they have to,” she continued.

“They’re tryin’ to have people understand that — that we’re real folks,” Obama said. “And the fear that many have of so many of us is irrational. And it’s based on a history that is just — it’s sad, and it’s dark. And it’s time for us to move beyond that.”

Black Lives Matter has released updated demands on Tuesday that include the permanent suspension of former President Donald Trump from running for any future political office, and also from all social media platforms.

In August the former first lady has also blamed Trump in part for depression she suffered in the last months of his first term.

Here’s more about Obama’s comments:

Michelle Obama PRAISES Black Lives Matter in new interview


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  1. The rest of us live in fear of Democrats who happen to occupy the Sleezball portion of our population

    1. Couldn’t figure out how to reply so I will comment as a reply to you.

      Hey Michelle and Barack – was America racist putting you in charge 8 years? Hell no but I didn’t vote for your husband who, in fact, put the horrendous lie out there – that America is racist. YOU are the racists!!

      1. Me too Anne. I can’t figure out either. So….. Hey Moo-shell why are Asians afraid of blacks. Many think blacks are racist to them. Your husband sure didn’t help race relations and neither have you. If it is so bad here then why are people of all colors trying to get to America. For every one of your kind that leave thousand would gladly take their place. Do use a flavor leave and prove me right.

        1. How the hell does a person feel fear performing “everyday tasks” while under 24-hour Secret Service protection? America is SO racist we had scores of fabricated hate crimes between 2016 and 2020. Minorities flock to this country legally by the hundreds of thousands annually, while others attempt to invade our borders by the thousands each month with the intention of coming here “for a better life.” If the fear to which YOU allude were rational, no such events would occur. You’re among the most secure individuals on this planet; but then, Marxist Globalists aren’t content unless they’re bitching about something.

      2. AMEN! They ARE the racists! And talking about living in fear, White “folks” live in fear of ending up in the bad part of town and getting robbed or beaten just because our skin is different and that makes us a target. Otherwise, the other 95% of people of color treat us the same way we treat each others: like human beings that we’re glad to be around. Michele is just working up her exposure for running for President. I’m pretty sure that her daughters are ten times more safe than the rest of us!

      3. Michelle and her worthless husband did more to hurt this country than any other single president in history. Their 8 years are directly responsible for the racial unrest we are experiencing now. They will both rot in hell. Karma is real and it’s a bitch…..

    2. I’m more worried about the sleezball portion in Washington than that in the general population.

    3. Michelle, you are the racist. You are in support of Black Lives matter which shows how stupid you are. It would be a real God Send if you AND BARACK MOVED OUT OF AMERICA SINCE YOU DISLIKE THE USA SO MUCH. You both were the worst thing ever to happen to DC, now Biden is there and he is so much like you. He is despised by the majority like you were.

    4. Didn’t her husband get elected twice ? Sure there are still black fearing white racists out there, always will be but fueling bigotry and fear against whites only creates more irrational fear of blacks by whites and increases the depth of the fear and hate cycle. Instead of fanning the flames Mrs. Obama, step into your communities and teach them to follow your example, be generous with your time ande money and make teach them to make choices to work hard and demand that community leaders disallow poor parenting and lousy schools and the “I ‘ve got mine so you’re on your own” mentality”. Stop the cycle. You have the power to do it so stop blaming and get to work. So what if the Judaeo Christian mentality is the crux of the success here. Embrace it. it works, and thank God for that.

  2. This woman really has a problem having grown up in such privilege as she did. Must be heavy guilt on her mind. She and her hubby are the least credible individuals ever.

    1. Between her, Gale King and Oprah they are prime examples of why white people are bad. They are delusional when it comes to reality they all have no trouble putting the blame on whites.She is especially a prime example of hatred toward America and whites. The main cause of any depression she ever had if she really did was that her husband was not allowed to be president for 20 years. She never misses a chance to talk down whites when they are right and she disagrees and she is one stuck up bitch and has such an ego she had to have her own library and that not being enough she is soliciting the govornment for a couple million to improve and expand it. She is one twisted piece of a person.

  3. Yeah, that’s right Michelle, and I’m White and I literally CANNOT go into the Near West and South sides of Chicago, your home town without the risk of being car jacked, robbed, beaten, shot or killed…Literally it is not safe for a WHITE PERSON to go into your old neighborhood. so don’t give me this liberal nonsense about racism…Chicago , a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT RUN SANCTUARY City has rampant drugs and street gangs…100,000 known gang bangers………and you want to lecture about systemic racism….grow up! People are shot and killed there EVERYDAY…EVERY DAY…and where is BLM, other than it’s leaders spending millions on lavish homes for themselves . ???? HUH?

    1. To call out any race is racist. The woke movement is doing what they claim has been done to them. Stop the division because all races have been through problems. Together stop the division with color & unite with civility.

      1. That’s exactly what needs to be done. We must do to them what they are doing to us. As repugnant as it is, if we had a white lives matter or an anything except black lives matter movement perhaps the world would see that all they are are a bunch of hoodlum terrorists. That’s also what needs to be done with the liberal Democrats.

    2. That is right Black people do live in fear, because statistically Blacks kill more Blacks than Police or anyone else. Maybe if you get your house in order things would be a lot less fearful. Gangs run wild in Chicago and the Mayor is a coward about handling that issue but is quick to blame the police. Cook County States attorney is so corrupt it’s a joke, but that fits Illinois. While Obama was in the White House he did nothing but divide the country, the races and fill his pockets.

    3. EXACTLY – south and west Chicago are war zones and they’re bringing their uncivilized behavior even to north Michigan Ave – need body armor and a gun just to walk around Chicago these days but Leisure Suit Lori makes civilian use of body armor illegal and concealed carry as difficult as possible – and amazingly, non-lethal weapons like Tasers are also illegal, so you HAVE to use lethal force to defend yourself – regressive “progressive” illogic – go figure

  4. Come on Michele when did ever live in fear or either of your two or your sleeve bad husband. Your two of the biggest crooks that have been in government. U make most of us sick 😈👿💜👹👺

  5. Micheal OBammy isn’t confused. He’s just lying! He knows the black agenda is to make WHITE people live in fear – of THEM! Not true! Only liberals are afraid of them, and suck up to them.
    Hear this, and believe it; Conservatives are not afraid! We are PREPARED!

  6. She was depressed the last month of trumps Presidency. I was depressed for 8 years of Obama’s presidency.

  7. Michell is right! Black folks do live in daily fear for their and their families lives.
    The unfortunate fact though is that the danger they fear originates in their own
    community and from other black violent persons!
    Statistic note that the black community in the USA is a mere 17 percent of the
    overall national population. Yet, that small population is responsible for 70 percent
    of the crime reported in their own population and community.
    If you are a black person and a crime is committed against you or your family,
    it most likely will have been committed by a person of your own race and from
    your own community.
    The white community has its own problems but, for the most part, the vast majority
    of the white, Asian and brown communities live safe and secure within their homes.

  8. She never grew up poor or middle class. She doesn’t have a clue. What she does and her loser husband is cause division. Why don’t worry about your daughter partying with Hunter Biden

  9. To say that she fears for her daughters is ridiculous because they probably have body guards and they live behind gated communities. Michelle should talk about the innocent black children sleeping in their beds, in a stroller & holding her fathers hand, all shot & killed by gangs, drive by shootings. How about talking to Biden to close the borders, that’s how gangs come through. I think it was selfish of her to say. It’s also to put fear in those who get stopped by the police. They should not resist but comply. That would be teaching all races the consequences of resistance. Help them in that way rather than putting fear into people or the law. I want normalcy with civilization.

    1. Simply resisting the police will not get anyone killed. Point a gun at the police and suffer the consequences.

  10. I consider her rant to be an encouragement to her communist friends. Amazing how we have fought communism/socialism most of my life, only to have it’s evil seed show up in our land.

    She should life in fear, she is more likely to be killed by another black person than a white one. Ponder that.

  11. So she comes out and says “Breast cancer is a problem” and all the triggered people here have to say is “All cancer is a problem! I am scared of prostate cancer more than you’re scared of your brrast cancer”. Because of this Trump lost and unless this stupidity changes, GOO will not regain independent vote and won’t win the election.

  12. So she continues to hold her/his people as slaves and behave like they are too stupid to understand this socialist agenda and push them towards the government that will continue to use the black people as their pawns to gain more power and money and throw them away as the government has consistently done…and Biden is the most prolific racist in our country…what a disgusting rant from a privileged trans that hates america…

  13. If we could read her final thesis in college you would see why she is making comments in these interviews. She has never had to live in poverty are to be afraid of white people. This was all a lie to make BLM look good. She lives behind gated property and has 24 hour protection at tax payer expense. She has been a fake all her life and to think she was considering a run for President. Consider the tax money she used for her lavish trips with an enormous number of assistance of people she needed to carry out her position as First Lady. She is so full-of-it it runs out of her …. eyes. She makes me sick. Also Gail needs to be fired from CBS for allowing her to spout her lies.

  14. Has anyone ever noticed that when she makes he little smirk and pushes her lips out she looks like she was in the Planet of the Apes

  15. I am so tired of the Obamamama’s whining about the life they have had when they lived within the security walls, have protection when they go out. They have lived a lavish life style in the white house on our tax dollars while they were doing it behind the backs of people that trusted them. People that trusted them worshipped them. I for one seen through them real quickly. They are why we are where we are now. They are both so slimy and corrupt and did it while people trusted them. As the saying goes “Every dog has their day” If these disqusting 2 men get away with it here on earth they will be standing before their maker when they die and they will burn in hell forever. For now we are watching a movie of a nightmare. It appears there is no justice for evil.

  16. I am so tired of the Obamamama’s whining about the life they have had when they lived within the security walls, have protection when they go out. They have lived a lavish life style in the white house on our tax dollars while they were doing it behind the backs of people that trusted them. People that trusted them worshipped them. I for one seen through them real quickly. They are why we are where we are now. They are both so slimy and corrupt and did it while people trusted them. As the saying goes “Every dog has their day” If these disqusting 2 men get away with it here on earth they will be standing before their maker when they die and they will burn in hell forever. For now we are watching a movie of a nightmare. It appears there is no justice for evil.

  17. Whites, Hispanics, and Asians all live in fear of your uncivilized violent criminal blacks in your home town of Chicago

    Want your pals to not live in fear of cops – STOP BEING Fing CRIMINALS and STOP VIOLENTLY RESISTING ARREST- it’s REAL simple

  18. michelle or Michael, whatever she is, is definitely Anti-American supporting the Marxist BLM bunch!

  19. Black lives matter ONLY when a white cop has to use necessary force against them. That does not include all instances because there are a few bad cops around. Somewhere every day a little black
    child or an innocent elderly black adult is shot by one of their own and not a peep out of BLM or the Democrat Party.

  20. Lying hypocrite. You don’t worry about your daughters at all, they’re privileged with a secret service protection detail. Great job trying to stoke up the fire of racial divide though, got to keep things chaotic so you can stay relevant. Your attempt at trying to relate to common folk is pathetic and insincere. Things weren’t bad till you and your wimpy husband started telling everyone how horrible this country is…

  21. Well, I feel for you! You and your DAN friends have to worry about us YTs? I have to worry about the BLMs, DANs and YTs. Maybe you should work on discussing the problems between the BLMs and DANs. There are a lot more of you are hurting each other than YTs and BLMs.

  22. RACISM: Definitional, Prejudicial, functional, and Institutional (systematic)

    One is definitionally racist if he or she believes his or her
    race is superior or inferior to another race.
    One’s perception is based upon one’s experiences; confusion
    and ignorance affects perception.
    Definitional racism is not, necessarily malevolent.
    EXAMPLE: A suggestion that a person of one race is incapable
    of functioning as well as a person of another race.
    Whereas this statement may not be malevolent, it may be the
    clearest and most stark example of racism.

    A negative perception of a race for any reason.
    Prejudicial racism is not, necessarily, malevolent.

    An action against a person of a race, because of the race of that
    person to the detriment of that person.
    Functional racism is malevolent and must be addressed.
    EXAMPLE: Adversely affecting someone only because of his or her race.

    Legislation that affects or differentiates races and economic classes.
    Legislation that adversely affects a person must be considered malevolent.
    EXAMPLE: The concept of “Minimum Wage”; prevents a person of
    any race from being employed due to the economic value of
    that person being less than the “Minimum Wage”. This can be cured by
    the reversal of all “Minimum Wage” legislation.

    Racism without accompanying negative actions should be disregarded as
    part of the human condition as is any prejudice.

    Over time, prejudice, ignorance, and confusion are reduced.

    It appears that the ubiquitous use of the terms racism and racist is
    malevolent and insidious and should cease, i.e., one should not use them
    in an argument as a rhetorical tool when one lacks rational and logical

    We should target functional and institutional racism and the nonsensical
    weaponization and divisiveness of the terms racism and racist.
    Those who consistently use those terms should be significantly admonished.

    I believe the First Lady’s comment is stupid. disgusting, and political.

    All comments will be appreciated.

    michael zitterman
    May 2, 2021

    1. Don’t forget divisive! That’s what they do best! But, you have to admit, they are funny! It’s like they live in their own make-believe world. And funnier yet, there are people that buy into it! You really can’t make this stuff up.

  23. QUESTION: How many police shootings when there was compliance?

    michael zitterman
    mikiesmoky @ aol.com

  24. She is so full of it, she doesn’t live in fear nor do her daughters and as for those she claims do why does that give them the right to burn down and loot our cities.

    Also to say BLM is their way of expressing those fears is more bull as BLM has nothing to do with racial justice or equality and everything to do with changing America to the way they think it should be.

  25. FUCK This racist BITCH And her Husband that started all this BULLSHIT the whole crew should b In jail can’t stand looking at either of them

  26. Why is it only whites are racist? So, Malcom X, Farrakhan, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton and Patrisse Cullors are not racist because they only hate whites? Would be niceif you could only clean up your racial mess, before you point fingers. The Obamas are the BIC (bigots in charge) and the megaphone for racial division! They have a outstanding record in racial relations, like snubbing Israel. She was correct when she said “we have only started”! I am not judging, just stating facts!

  27. If she so worryed why isn’t she helping blacks then by giving money to help . All she does is say she’s behind them but never give a damn thing to help the blacks she saids are afraid . all I see their afraid of other blacks trying to rob them . Most crime against blacks are from other blacks . What did the obamas do to stop that ??? Not a damn think .

  28. The greatest Blackman, a visionary. Raise are glass in memery of Marcos Garvy. The finest black man who ever lived. Let his dream be fulfilled.

  29. Remember when POTUS Barry referred the ‘Okee Doke’ street hustle? Michelle’s recent diatribe is a classic example of how this newly minted AA bourgeois crowd manages to keep that ‘not yet enlightened’ portion of the black community voting Democrat. For her, this Angry Black Women facade works.

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