Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’ Headline LIES on Biden’s Coal-Miner Ancestor LIE

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Fact-checkers came running to President Biden’s defense again. In Sunday’s Washington Post, “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler wrote an article headlined “Biden’s claim that his ‘great grand-pop’ was a coal miner mostly pans out.”

But if you read the actual article…it doesn’t pan out. 

Kessler admits that Biden’s great grandfather Edward Blewitt was a mining engineer and a politician, not a blue-collar miner. But his choice of opening quotes includes contempt for the question at hand: 

“My dad used to say, ‘Joey…’ — and I swear to God, when he left Scranton, when the coal died — my dad was not a — he was — he was a salesperson; he wasn’t a coal miner. My great-grandpop was.” — President Biden, remarks in Dearborn, Mich., May 18, 2021

“Maureen, we’re in the biggest constitutional fight in fifty years, and you want to know whether Biden’s great-grandfather was a coal miner?” — Campaign aide Tom Donilon, quoted talking to Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, in Richard Ben Cramer’s book What It Takes (1992)

Cramer’s massive doorstop of a book was about the 1988 campaign, and Biden dropped out in 1987 after lying about his family history and plagiarizing speeches. But Kessler the Fact Checker gave equal billing to Biden’s lies on this subject with his aide Tom Donilon scolding a reporter for caring about…the facts. (His brother Mike Donilon is President Biden’s chief adviser today.)

Last month, Kessler ripped into Republican Sen. Tim Scott for making his ancestors sound poorer than they were. Sen. Scott said his grandfather was “forced out of school as a third-grader to pick cotton, and never learned to read or write. … Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime.” That was true. But Kessler dug back another generation to scold Scott: ”Our research reveals a more complex story than what Scott tells audiences. Scott’s grandfather’s father was also a substantial landowner.”

He concluded “Scott tells a tidy story packaged for political consumption, but a close look shows how some of his family’s early and improbable success gets flattened and written out of his biography.”

That elastic Scott “fact check” led readers to ask Kessler to investigate Biden’s “great grandpop” line. The “mostly pans out” thing doesn’t mean Biden didn’t lie just now. It means Kessler dug into the files on defense. “It turns out we can find other examples of Biden making this same point…but with Biden correctly saying Edward Blewitt was a mining engineer, not a coal miner.”

He concluded “Moreover, Biden’s great-great grandfather was a mining inspector — one of the first in that part of Pennsylvania. So Biden is not incorrect to suggest his family background includes involvement in mines.” [Italics mine.]

Notice how slippery these “fact checkers” get when they defend Democrat exaggerations. There’s no “Biden tells a tidy story packaged for political consumption, but……..”

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  1. Sloe Joe lives in La-La-Land. He believes he is a young, handsome, debonair Cassanova, irresistable to women, and a super-hero who is going to ‘rescue’ America from those evil republicans by first destroying it, then remaking it into the ‘Utopia’ of his, (and Shumelosi’s), dreams.

  2. Do sane folks really believe anything that comes from the mouth of politicians? How the hell do you think they get elected? They Lie! And ignorant morons believe their stories and vote for them, because it must be true.

    1. to hear BIDEN you would think that great great grandpa went down in the mine with a shovel and a CANARY. dirty socialist TRAITOR and accomplice to mass murder.impeach this lousy pedophile and his WHOLE TRAITOROUS regime.

  3. The China-Biden virus kills people and no one is holding Biden responsible , Biden and all his puppeteers created the virus just to defeat Trump and it worked. Biden is a murderer and no one cares

  4. BIDEN’S been a LIAR since AT LEAST 1988.probably lied since high school .beside LYING BIDEN is a plagiarist.

  5. Biden’s a Pathological Liar, and it’s pretty easy to make that diagnosis. He’s incapable of telling the truth without embellishments, usually regarding his role in whatever subject he’s talking about.
    During his previous attempts for the Presidency, his campaigns fizzled because of his lies and plagiarism, because the Media of old would point out his BS.
    This time around, the Media’s covering for the Senile Idiot (he’s always been and Idiot, now he’s a Senile Idiot).
    Our “Media” is a Propaganda Apparatchik of the DNC, period.

  6. Read the whole post!
    This headline is just another piece of right wing propaganda. Donnie’s cult swallows it hook line and sinker.
    He concluded “Moreover, Biden’s great-great grandfather was a mining inspector — one of the first in that part of Pennsylvania. So Biden is not incorrect to suggest his family background includes involvement in mines.”

    1. The only problem with your premise is that Biden was trying to get people to believe he heritage was rooted in his his family being actual coal miners, who worked and mined the coal. That is a blatant Lie and he knows it. Sadly, he doesn’t care!

  7. Fact-Checker…

    That should have been your first clue that something is Rotten in D.C.(devil’s cabal).

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