Protesters Greet Kamala Harris in Guatemala with “Kamala Go Home!” and “Trump Won” Signs


Kamala Harris flew to Guatemala this past weekend to discuss the Biden administration’s open borders crisis.

Kamala wants to blame hurricanes, global warming and Trump for the record surge in illegals and fake refugees flooding the US border.
That is insulting and Americans know better.

Kamala was greeted by pro-Trump protesters at the airport this weekend.  They told her to go home.

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The Floridian Press reported:

But after boarding a new plane and taking the 4 1/2 hour flight to Guatemala, protestors were at the Guatemalan Air Force base waiting for the vice president with open arms and signs. Big signs.

One sign simply stated, “Kamala, TRUMP WON,” another told the vice president that “Guatemala as pro-life,” and another want to her to “go home.”

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