Weekly Good News Round-Up! Heavy D, Ryan Reynolds, and Angry Londoners

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Happy Friday, everyone! You made it. My weekend is about to kick off with a T-ball game where I get to watch nine six-year-olds piggy pile on a baseball like it’s tackle football. It’s hilarious. I highly recommend it.

Heavy D is at it again, just making me love him more. Not only did he outlaw the insidious race training that trains kids to hate one another based on skin color, but he spelled out what education in Florida will be, including the following:

Teaches students HOW to think NOT WHAT to think

Protects students from being influenced or indoctrinated to think a certain way

Helps guarantee teachers serve as facillitators of classroom discussion without making students feel pressured to think a certain way.

That’s all we could ask for and all anyone should want out of education. It’s school–not an indoctrination center. I may have to move to Florida.

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Londoners Have Had It With Rules

Our pals over the pond are not happy campers after the lockdown was extended even longer for them for no reason. This gentleman and a few others have decided that it’s over, however. He’s taking down the signs. “They didn’t keep their distance at the G7 did they?” he said, referring to world leaders hobnobbing recently during that thing where Biden embarrassed us all. (Let’s not talk about it. This is the good news wrap-up.)

Ryan Reynolds Has a New Show on Netflix

I could watch Ryan Reynolds in anything, even those phone commercials he does. He’s just funny. So when I heard that he’s getting a new show on Netflix in which he and some other guy I don’t know go buy a failing soccer team in Wales to try to turn it around, I was in. I’m putting this on my watchlist– and if you like Ryan Reynolds (and who doesn’t?), you will too! He’s just so cheeky and good looking. He’s no Tom Hiddleston, but he’ll do. (Speaking of Tom, have you seen Loki yet on Disney+? It’s great. Check it out.)

Father’s Day Is on Sunday

Don’t forget like me and be a slacker running around on Saturday trying to find something your husband or dad might like. I hope you got something already. Thankfully, even though my husband knows I never remember these things and am terrible at buying gifts, he still loves me anyway. I think he already ordered himself something. But I’m very blessed to have Mr. Fox. He’s the greatest daddy ever. Here’s to all the good dads out there getting terrible gifts and smiling anyway, Have a great weekend, everyone!

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