Report: Dr. Fauci participated in ‘secret meeting’ with scientists about COVID-19 origins in Feb. 2020

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, admitted this week that a meeting took place with prominent scientists last February to discuss the origins of COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Just days after that meeting, one scientist who previously voiced concerns that COVID-19’s genome was unnatural, completely reversed their opinion, and any suggestion that COVID-19 did not naturally emerge was dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

News of the meeting is particularly noteworthy because the theory that COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology has gained significant traction in recent weeks. The theory was previously dismissed as a conspiracy theory despite a lack of evidence disproving the possibility.

What are the details?

According to USA Today, that meeting, which took place on Feb. 1, 2020, “played a pivotal role in shaping the early views of several key scientists whose published papers and public statements contributed to the shutting down of legitimate discussion about whether a laboratory in Wuhan, China, might have ignited the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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The call was convened after Kristian Andersen, an expert in infectious disease genomics at the prestigious Scripps Research Translational Institute in California, told Fauci he was concerned COVID-19 may have been artificially engineered.

“The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (<0.1%) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered,” Andersen wrote in an email prior to the teleconference, adding that he and other scientists “all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.”

Andersen’s email was one of more than 3,000 Fauci’s work-related emails obtained by BuzzFeed News in early June.

Among those on the call included Fauci, Andersen, Wellcome Trust director Jeremy Farrar, National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, “plus several other international experts on emerging infectious diseases and virology,” USA Today reported.

“I remember it very well,” Fauci recounted in an interview with USA Today. “We decided on the call the situation really needed to be looked into carefully.”

“It was a very productive back-and-forth conversation where some on the call felt it could possibly be an engineered virus,” Fauci added of the meeting.

Following the meeting, the group decided that World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu should be looped into their conversation. What came from contact with the controversial WHO is not clear.

What happened after the meeting?

Just three days later, Andersen told scientists “the data conclusively show” that COVID-19 was not engineered, denouncing suggestions that COVID-19 did not emerge naturally.

Andersen’s remarks were made as feedback to scientists who were helping inform the government on COVID-19.

“Reading through the letter I think it’s great, but I do wonder if we need to be more firm on the question of engineering,” Andersen said. “The main crackpot theories going around at the moment relate to this virus being somehow engineered with intent and that is demonstrably not the case. Engineering can mean many things and could be done for either basic research or nefarious reasons, but the data conclusively show that neither was done…”

“If one of the main purposes of this document is to counter those fringe theories, I think it’s very important that we do so strongly and in plain language (‘consistent with’ [natural evolution] is a favorite of mine when talking to scientists, but not when talking to the public – especially conspiracy theorists),” he added.

Several weeks later, Andersen and other scientists released a report on the origins of COVID-19, explaining their work, “clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus.”

That report, according to USA Today, was “hugely influential and is among the key reasons that any kind of lab-related hypothesis — involving either a natural or man-made virus — was dismissed by so many for so long.”

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  1. Scores of evidence have been coming out, since long before this crisis began, regarding the world oligarchy’s dehumanizing agenda of global depopulation and domination. They’ve been talking about it at the World Economic Forum for years.

    Even Lincoln knew we could face a terrible crisis one day, at the behest of a maniacal Corporate construct…

    “The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow and the money-power of the country will endeavor to per-long its reign, by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed.”—Abraham Lincoln

    Fast forward to today, and Big Corporations are now dominating every aspect of our waking lives, with little to no regard for an individual citizen’s liberties, freedom nor well-being.

    Big Pharma itself, is the most profitable industry in the entire world and they’ve also been the biggest lobby in Washington ever since their inception onto the world scene. And we certainly have the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s to thank for that!

    Many thousands have been dropping like flies from these horrific experimental injections, all while the blame game continues, as the corrupt government talking-heads pass the proverbial buck, from one schmuck to the next schmuck!

    The Red Flags and [ False Flags ] are all around us now and are too loud to ignore. The cat has definitely been let out of the bag!–There’s just no denying it any more!

    Lincoln certainly warned us back then, but he also gave us the remedy and way out…

    “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”—Abraham Lincoln

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    “…For which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all!

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