Deace: This energy and dedication are what we need – so that we don’t let America perish on our watch

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“I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together to get off the bench and into the battlefield.”

Say no more, Abby White.

Because in a world where a 14-year-old girl signs her letter to me that way while David French is busy making the “conservative case” for critical racist theory and drag queen story hour, I know without any ambiguity whatsoever whom I am picking for my team at recess, let alone when the fighting starts.

Abby is like me in that she is utterly fed up with the lying. She desperately wants to let the lion of truth out of its cage. She believes the actual and manifold blessings of liberty in the grand American tale are more than enough to provide the appropriate context for the sins of the past, the ongoing problems of the present, and passing the torch of citizenship to our children and grandchildren in the future.

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She understands, as Samwise did at the end of “The Two Towers,” that there is good in this world and it is worth fighting for.

So you are dang right I’m going to help her.

“I am homeschooled and have learned a lot about American History,” she said. “I was wondering if you could help me. I am so frustrated because I love America and I love American history and I am finding that my friends (even homeschooled friends) and my church friends do not know anything about American History and what people went through to give us the freedom we have today! I have been listening to you talk about getting off the bench and into the battlefield. I want to do that! I have an idea but I need some help. I love the CD put out by Home School Legal Defense Association and Focus on the Family on American History. It goes through some very important parts of our history that would help kids and (maybe parents) learn how special our country is. I would like to order 1,000 copies of this CD and get it out to school kids. This could really help stop the effort to put critical race theory in schools. We have to STOP this!! Kids are learning the opposite of what is true. They are being told our country is not special and is racist and hateful. We are an amazing country and if we all stand together and tell the kids growing up today that America is an amazing place, maybe just maybe we can make a change.

“My first goal is to raise $10,000 to buy 500 CDs and give them to my friends at church. I know that sounds crazy, but even my friends at church don’t know much about the history of America and how proud and excited we should be to live in this great country.”

Nothing about that sounds crazy, Abby. But it does sound familiar. It sounds like Sam Adams. It sounds like Thomas Jefferson. It sounds like Patrick Henry. It sounds like the words of the great founders of our nation who knew exactly what was at stake and why heaven itself, via the laws of nature and nature’s God, was to be the compass and shield for carrying out the fight for true liberty.

Abby, like her nation at its creation, is a shining city on a hill. Shame on us if we hide her passion under a bushel basket. Shame on us if we allow her to stand alone.

This teenage girl is showing more desire and want-to than the pathetic case study in passive-aggression we see from legions of boys who can shave these days. It is this kind of grassroots energy and dedication that are required so that we don’t let this nation perish on our watch.

It takes a lot of chutzpah for a 14-year-old to even think this is possible, let alone believe she can get it on the radar of a national media platform and ask for help. And that’s a lot more chutzpah than we’ve seen the last year from a generation of adults in this country who spent too much time complying with wearing a useless Chinese face diaper with barely a hint of resistance.

So you’re dang skippy I’m going to give gutsy Abby some publicity and help her spread the message. And if you’d like to do the same, hit up her Venmo @Joy-White-55.

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