Thug punches 77-year-old woman in face in broad daylight — then rips away her purse and her Bible

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New York City police are looking for a man they said punched a 77-year-old woman in the face, after which he ripped away the woman’s purse — along with her Bible.

What are the details?

Police said the man is wanted for robbery after approaching the elderly woman in Queens around noon Sunday, punching her in the face, and then yanking away her purse and Bible.

Police provided video of the incident that shows the assailant fighting the woman for her belongings and violently pulling on the woman’s purse until she no longer can hold on.

What happened to the victim and her attacker?

The woman suffered cuts to her hands and was evaluated on scene by EMS, but police told the New York Post she refused additional medical attention.

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The suspect ran off after he took the victim’s belongings, police told the paper, adding that he was still on the loose as of late Monday.

Anything else?

The Post said the clip came from surveillance video, but a number of observers questioned that conclusion — and wondered why no one helped the victim, among other things:

  • “Why didn’t anyone intervene?” one commenter asked. “Was it more important to record the event to get your 15 seconds of fame or to stop the perp to get him 15 years in lockup? SMH!”
  • “So glad you have pieces of s**t filming this and not trying to help her,” another user said. “What a great city and great citizens you have there. Disgusting!”
  • “I’m sure this piece of fecal matter stole the purse just to get a Bible…if only he could read so he could get something to guide him in a different direction,” another commenter wrote.
  • “I hope you catch this one,” another user said. “What a bum, and the person recording is a piece of s**t.”
  • “Good thing everyone stood around and watched; wouldn’t want to actually do anything or help outside of pulling your phone out…” another commenter said. “This is what happens when you encourage crime and let criminals run a city. I always assumed ‘Escape from NY’ was a movie, not a prediction.”

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  1. 13% again. I’d have been astounded if it had been an Asian or a white person attacking a little, old lady. Yes, it DOES happen on occasion – there ARE Asian and white gangs, but 90% of the time, it will be a 13%er.

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