ABC Detroit Asks for Stories of COVID Deaths Among the Unvaccinated and Got More Than They Bargained For

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ABC in Detroit got a lot more than it bargained for when it asked its viewers on Facebook this question:

The post garnered more than 100,000 responses, almost all of which talked about family members the readers say were either injured or died after receiving the COVID vaccine. None of the reports can be verified, but the sheer number of responses is anecdotally interesting. The “ratio,” as the kids say, is epic. 

Audrey Tarrance Ravenna wrote, “After the vaccines were available, 3 family members did their duty and got vaccinated. One suffered 2 strokes, one suffered neurological problems/tremors, one suffered a pulmonary embolism. All three died.” She went on to add that she doesn’t know anyone who has had COVID except herself and she survived.

Dee Ann L Voth wrote, “My friend passed away from covid and she was fully vaccinated!” Amanda Anderson added, “My dad passed away in July after a stroke. I often wonder if it was from the vaccine.”

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Jacki Thomas asked, “Have they reached out to anyone to research those who lost loved ones after or with the vaccinations yet??? Crickets?”

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Tammi Marie Watts Staffer said, “My friend’s father was paralyzed after his first vax.” Scott Donaldson wrote, “My stepdad’s mom passed very shortly after Moderna.”

Kristy Branch wrote, “My 78-year-old father was pretty health [sic]…he got the Moderna now he’s walking with the walker [because] he keeps falling he’s weak he shakes and he has bathroom issues now I tried to get him not to do it… but he believed you crooked lying people from the news.”

Jen Roberton pointed out that the news station isn’t making any effort to get the other side of the story and it shows. “This is the response I expected. The media is asking the wrong questions.”

Lani Rose reported, “My son’s classmate lost her mother from heart complications due to the vaccine.” Lauren Greer replied to Rose, saying, “I lost my aunt! She never had heart issues before and suddenly after the vaccine, she died from complications with myocarditis??”

Holly Mulkey wrote, “My mom passed away in her sleep the day she got the vaccine. Her autopsy showed enlarged heart.”

Anna Mattheson wrote, “My friend David 40-years-old 2 days after vaccination heart failure and passed away.”

Jasmine Shirley said, “I have an appointment with a cardiologist due to some very random heart issues that started a week or two after my first shot.”

Kimberly Delvero wrote, “What about the vaccinated loved ones that were lost??????…. No one wants to talk about that??? It’s all about the unvaccinated and keeping the fear going…absolutely ridiculous!”

The comments go on and on like this for pages and pages. With this kind of response, you would think that a curious media would look into these claims, talk to doctors, look at autopsies, and give even the slightest bit of attention to people who are experiencing unexplained tragedies. Instead, they are looking the other way and digging for stories so they can pin the pandemic on the unvaccinated. We saw the news orchestrate a fake story about “ivermectin overdoses” in order to smear the vaccine-hesitant just this month!

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Perhaps, instead of demonizing people who have fears about the vaccine based on personal experience and questions about possible side effects, the media could take some time to talk to them and investigate their claims. Getting to the bottom of what is happening and why might actually help alleviate fears of vaccination. But by ignoring all these stories, the media is causing distrust of the vaccine and the establishment.

Any time there’s an obvious cover-up or suppression of people’s experiences, the masses are going to start questioning the motivation of the people writing the narrative. Whose side is the press on? The people or the government? Why don’t they ever speak truth to power anymore? If there is a problem with the vaccine, don’t they want to know? According to the commenters on ABC’s page, no one from the station has reached out to them.

PJ Media did reach out to many of them and heard from Ravenna right away. “I have direct knowledge of these three people,” she said. “One is my daughter-in-law’s mom who died 10 days ago. She had two Pfizer shots in the spring, a brain aneurism on April 8.” During the recovery process, the patient had another stroke, which totally paralyzed her. The neurologist did a brain MRI, according to Ravenna, and said there were what appeared to be signs of Alzheimer’s. But the patient had no Alzheimer’s symptoms. The family tried to report the event to the VAERS database, which keeps track of vaccine injury reports, but was unable to because no doctor would recognize a correlation.

The other two who died had complicating issues. Ravenna’s brother-in-law was morbidly obese and contracted COVID after getting vaccinated. He did not recover. The third family member to suffer was another in-law of Ravenna’s. “She was under chemo for late-stage breast cancer.” When the patient received the vaccine, Ravenna says she developed a neurological reaction that caused tremors. She died soon after.

While it’s possible that all three died of problems unrelated to the COVID vaccine, the unwillingness of the medical establishment and the media to even consider the possibility is a worrying fact for people who know that if they do get the vaccine and they do suffer because of it, no one will believe them and no one will tell their stories.

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    1. Johnny you are so right! Once you get it, the body builds antibodies so if you get it again it would be much less. I am 84 and had it twice in 2020. The first time was not fun and could have gone into pneumonia if no precautions were taken. I have asthma and had all the equipment to handle this. Was very fatigued for several weeks. Second time was much milder.

  1. We can be assured ABC Detroit IS NOT GOING TO MAKE THESE FACTS PUBLIC because these are the truth of what is going on in “real time”. Big Pharma doesn’t give a damn about all of these deaths because they go their way with the depopulation mobsters.

  2. I am 69, Diabetic and 50 lbs overweight. I have been exposed to Covid-19 several times and have not been affected. I do take aspirin everyday and do not wear a mask (useless anyway). My belief is their desire to control our lives by any means possible. Read all articles from different sides and you will lean just how so many are being fooled. Good luck.

  3. Cannot believe that people do not do any research on the vaccine, which is KNOWN to create heart problems. Wake up, , people, your immune system is BETTER than the vaccine and will not kill you. They lie!

  4. They need to start looking at what cures the ailments (Ivermectin) instead of a vaccine that supposedly stops the virus and calling it a cure. In my opinion this is a way to depopulate the world. The more of us they kill the happier they are.

  5. A story was just published, not in the msm, but out of India that they have wiped out Covid by using ivermectin. But fake doctor fauci says that it doesn’t work. Msm says hospitals overwhelmed with ivermectin overdoses. All lies. Ivermectin and hydroxy chloroquine don’t make big pharmacy and politicians wealthy.

  6. Well of course the media is on board with the Nazification of the U.S.

    If he were alive today Joseph Goebbels would be extremely proud of biden, the democrat party, and the U.S. media!

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