Nicki Minaj agrees with Tucker Carlson & DESTROYS lying leftists

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Nicki Minaj was attacked by the corporate press and leftists online after tweeting about wanting to do research on the vaccine before getting the jab, and Fox News’ Tucker Calson backed the rapper’s right to ask questions. Instead of applauding Nicki for being responsible, the left decided to spin and twist her words to fit their narrative, because the only thing they care about is compliance. Now that they’re eating their own, will more people see what’s actually going on, or will the blind continue leading the blind?

The story of Gabby Petito, the young woman who went missing while on a trip with her boyfriend, is gripping the nation as more details slowly emerge. Police body cam footage only added to the mystery as the police named her boyfriend a person of interest. Is this another tragic tale of domestic violence?

Meanwhile, an Alberta official recently implemented a vaccine passport despite saying weeks ago that he had no plans to do so.

On BlazeTV’s newest show, “You Are Here,” cohosts Elijah Schaffer and Sydney Watson ask, after the constant lies and contradictions, does anyone still believe anything these people say? Unfortunately, for many the answer will still be yes.

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