Australian police interrogate citizens over social media posts supporting anti-lockdown protests

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Multiple videos have surfaced in Australia showing people being interrogated by police officers over posts on social media expressing support for protests against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

In one video from the southeastern state of Victoria, two officers of the Victoria Police can be seen showing up to a man’s house in the dead of night to ask him about Facebook posts he made six months ago in support of anti-lockdown protests.

The two police officers pull out a file and show the man printed screenshots of what are apparently some of his posts on social media supporting the anti-lockdown movement. (Related: COVID-19 cases in Victoria keep rising at record-breaking levels despite nearly two months of lockdown.)

“Do you agree that you put some posts on Facebook?” asks one of the police officers. “Does this look familiar?”

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The man the officers have visited is incredulous at the sheer absurdity of police officers showing up at his doorstep in the middle of the night to ask about posts he made on Facebook over six months ago. He expresses his outrage at the fact that his rights as an Australian to protest and free expression are being questioned.

“You got the cops coming around here to tell me that I’ve been in a protest… six months ago?” asks the man. “Well, who gives a f—? How illegal is that? Going to a protest?”

One of the police officers then claims that the anti-lockdown protest the man supposedly went to was “illegal.”

“Black Lives Matter protests were f—— two weeks before that, was that illegal? You knocking on their doors?” asks the man, pointing out the hypocrisy in how Victoria Police are enforcing rules against anti-lockdown protesters but not against other protests.

In another incident in a different Australian state that was also filmed and went viral on social media, three police officers tricked a man into talking to them by claiming that they were doing “welfare checks.”

Instead of doing their purported jobs, the officers started asking the man and his neighbors if they plan on participating in any of the ongoing protests against the COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria. The man was also asked by police officers if he was planning to go to any anti-lockdown protests and if he knew anybody who participated in past protests.

“No, I’m not going to answer that, you guys wouldn’t be here otherwise,” says the man. “I’d like to know how you got this address, actually.”

Instead of answering, the officer asks a barrage of questions about the man’s supposed plans to join future anti-lockdown protests and demonstrations.

“Anything else you might want to tell us to help ensure the public safety?” asks the officer by the end of the interrogation.

“No, as long as you aren’t going around shooting people with rubber bullets like in Victoria,” the man answers.

Australian police target health freedom protesters

Police all over Australia have also been targeting groups and individuals protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

During the latest protests in Melbourne, Victoria Police have arrested multiple people for peacefully demonstrating against lockdowns and vaccine mandates. The protests have been held within the vicinity of multiple shopping centers in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverly.

The Oct. 9 demonstrations were organized in a Telegram group that had over 8,000 subscribers. Many protesters around the country have been using Telegram for months to organize major protests.

Despite careful planning, Victoria Police have managed to quell the rallies by checking people’s identification around the planned protest sites, leaving organizers no choice but to move their demonstrations to another location.

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  1. I have been to Australia. It was such a docile and peaceful place soon after 9/11. It is hard to believe that this has become a police state violating the rights of peaceful people to protest. I would guess that they have completely lost the tourism business from the USA, not to mention the trust of their own people. This is absolutely insane what they are doing to their own citizens.

  2. Open question for the coppers down under – is there some leverage being exerted against y’all or are ya simply buying in to the ‘just following orders’ meme? The outrageous conduct being exhibited has to come from somewhere…..

  3. This WILL happen in the United States. Just give China-jo and the HO a little more time.

    Remember folks you do not HAVE to speak to police, at least in the U.S.

    The only things you need to say is, “Am I under arrest?” If the answer is “Yes” then ask for a lawyer and SHUT YOUR MOUTH! If the answer is “No” then leave!

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