President Trump Releases Three Statements Regarding the 2020 Election and the Fraud That Ensued


President Trump released three more statements today related to the 2020 Election, the related fraud, and the audits that need to be held to bring integrity back to our elections.

The President addressed the importance of unwinding the 2020 Election fraud or many disenfranchised individuals who voted Republican will never vote in upcoming elections:

If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 or ‘24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.

He then addressed the corrupt and phony Committee in the House investigating the setup on January 6th:

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Why isn’t the January 6th Unselect Committee of partisan hacks studying the massive Presidential Election Fraud, which took place on November 3rd and was the reason that hundreds of thousands of people went to Washington to protest on January 6th? Look at the numbers now being reported on the fraud, which we now call the “Really Big Lie.” You cannot study January 6th without studying the reason it happened, November 3rd. But the Democrats don’t want to do that because they know what took place on Election Day in the Swing States, and beyond. If we had an honest media this Election would have been overturned many months ago, but our media is almost as corrupt as our political system!

President Trump then said we need to get rid of the ‘Republicans’ who are losers and/or Democrats:

Big rally in Michigan yesterday, unbelievable spirit and knowledge of what went on with respect to voting and vote counting in the 2020 Presidential Election. Detroit, considered for many years to be one of the most corrupt places in the United States for elections (and many other things!), had large-scale irregularities so much so that two officials, at great risk to themselves and their families, refused to certify the results, and were sadly threatened. Wasn’t it a fact that aside from other things, there were far more votes than voters? Even the RINOs on the Senate Committee found 289,866 absentee ballots that were sent to people who never requested them, “something that would be illegal.” Why did they viciously kick out the Republican poll watchers? Seventy percent of Detroit’s mail-in ballot counting boards didn’t match, it was a total mess. Why won’t they give respected professionals and representatives at yesterday’s rally the right to do a Forensic Audit of Wayne County (Detroit) and Macomb County? That includes the RINOs in the State Senate and House who for, whatever reason, do nothing but obstruct instead of seeking the truth. Hopefully, each one of these cowardly RINOs, whose names will be identified and forthcoming, will be primaried, with my Complete and Total Endorsement, in the upcoming election. Congratulations on the great rally yesterday!

President Trump was right on these statements again.

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  1. It is next to impossible for an honest man to compete against liar, cheats, and felons – and WIN!
    In any contest, election, or war, if one side follows all the rules, and the other side breaks all the rules – WHO’S GOING TO WIN?

  2. When McSally lost Az in 2018, I told my wife that the dems now verified that the Mail-in ballot fraud works, and Repubs will seldom ever win another election in the future if it is allow to continue. Very few conservative politicians did anything, which will be their own downfall.

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