JUST IN: Alec Baldwin Accidentally Shoots and Kills Crew Member on Movie Set


Alec Baldwin on Thursday accidentally shot and killed a crew member on a movie set while filming the western “Rust” in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

According to Deadline, Baldwin discharged a prop gun that killed one member and injured another.

The fatal shooting is currently under criminal investigation.

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Deadline reported:

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The Sante Fe, New Mexico Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that Alec Baldwin “discharged” the prop gun that killed one Rust crew member and injured director Joel Souza.

Director of Photography Halyna Hutchins died not long after being transported to a hospital in Albuquerque, NM this afternoon.

Deadline earlier reported that Criminal Investigators were called to the scene with sources informing us that a principal castmember cocked a gun, hitting a man, 42 and woman, 42, on set. The entire Bonanza Creek Ranch went under lockdown during the investigation. The castmember we’re told was unaware about the type of ammunition in the gun. A rep from the production said that “Production has been halted for the time being” on Rust and that “the safety of our cast and crew remains our top priority.”

Traditionally the prop master or armorer is responsible for fire arms and fire arms safety on a set such as Rust.

Full statement from the Santa Fe Sheriff’s department:

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Bonanza Creek Ranch movie set of the western “Rust”, October 21, 2021, when an 911 caller reported a shooting on the set.

The sheriff’s office confirms that two individuals were shot on the set of Rust. Halyna Hutchins, 42, director of photography and Joel Souza, 48, director, were shot when a prop firearm was discharged by Alec Baldwin, 68, producer and actor.

Ms. Hutchins was transported, via helicopter, to University of New Mexico Hospital where she was pronounced dead by medical personnel. Mr. Souza was transported by ambulance to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical center where he is undergoing treatment for his injuries.

This investigation remains open and active. No charges have been filed in regard to this incident. Witnesses continue to be interviewed by detectives.

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  1. First, a ‘prop gun’ doesn’t fire live ammo. You can’t load live ammo in them. The calibers are different. It had to be a real gun.
    Second, ‘blank’ ammo looks not look like live ammo. There is no bullet in the casing.
    There is no excuse for the prop department not being aware of this!
    Things like this happen when you put a gun in the hands of a clueless liberal like Alec Baldwin, who doesn’t know a gun from a cap pistol!

  2. One thing I was taught in firearm training, there is NO SUCH THING as an accidental shooting.

    The leftist dems had better get all guns on all movie sets BANNED!

  3. Self described “Accomplished Actor” Alec Baldwin, who knows ALL about guns (enough to know that guns must be banned), forgot the four basic tenets of handling a gun.
    These are 1. Every gun is loaded until you make sure that it’s not. 2. Never point a guns muzzle at ANYTHING you don’t intend to destroy. 3. Make sure of your target, what’s in front of your target, and what’s behind your target. and 4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ABSOLUTELY ready to fire!

    1. By the way; there are no “accidental discharges, only negligent discharge. Since Alec pointed the gun (now a weapon) at his cameraperson, the death is Alec’s fault.
      Alec made sure that the cameraperson was his target, the death was premeditated.

      1. globalists and their puppets; demonrats and rinos and media and libby snow flake sheep are not held accountable for their crimes . globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and barry soetoro and chester biden appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

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