REVOLVING DOOR: All three FDA-authorized Operation Warp Speed vaccine corporations employ former FDA commissioners

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The revolving door between Big Pharma and the federal government is once again on display after it was revealed that all three vaccine corporations pushing “Operation Warp Speed” injections for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) have former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioners on their respective payrolls.

Scott Gottlieb, a corrupt pharmaceutical baron who was appointed by Donald Trump to head up the FDA from 2017-2019, is now a board member at Pfizer. Gottlieb regularly appears on the media manipulating fake finance network CNBC, and he also holds several thousand shares of Pfizer stock, which is on top of the six-figure compensation he receives from the company annually.

“Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the ultimate personification of the revolving door mechanism, sits on the board of Pfizer,” reported independent journalist and truth-seeker Jordan Schachtel.

“The frequent Pfizer-sponsored CNBC guest also maintains several thousand shares of Pfizer stock, and he is compensated well into the six figures on an annual basis. Gottlieb earns millions from his continually increasing board appointments to a plethora of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.”

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Gottlieb also sits on the boards of both Illumina, Tempus Labs and Aetion, the first two of which just so happen to sell FDA-authorized Covid-19 “testing” kits, which we now know are completely fake. Aetion, meanwhile, supposedly conducts “research” on Covid-19 policy, whatever that means.

Another plandemic profiteer who used to lead the FDA is Stephen Hahn, who under Trump authorized the release of Moderna’s Fauci Flu shot injections. Hahn recently accepted an executive-level position with Flagship Pioneering, the company that launched Moderna in the first place.

“Flagship holds 20 million shares of Moderna stock, which as of October 16, 2021, is valued at $6.5 Billion,” reports indicate. “They earned $1.4 billion through the sale of Moderna stock earlier this year.”

“There is virtually no separation between Flagship and Moderna. Flagship CEO Noubar Afeyan, who co-founded Moderna and owns over 2 million shares of Moderna stock, is the current chairman of Moderna. Additionally, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel is listed as a Flagship ‘special partner.’”

Trump is the reason why Moderna became a multi-billion dollar cash cow for career criminals

Bancel, as a quick reminder, was propped up by Trump who also propelled Moderna to the forefront of the plandemic profiteering scam at a time when Moderna had not yet released even one successful drug.

Moderna was later outed as a pump-and-dump scam that never would have happened had Trump not awarded the company a top-tier spot in “Operation Warp Speed,” allowing the company to begin raking in billions of dollars in profits.

There is also Mark McClellan, who worked as FDA commissioner from 2002-2004 under George W. Bush. McClellan has been on the taxpayer dole for decades, only to later be given a prominent seat on the board of directors of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) in 2013.

Since that time, McClellan has acquired thousands of shares of J&J, which of course spiked after the company was awarded a top spot in Operation Warp Speed. McClellan also rakes in about $300,000 annually from the company.

“Have an experimental drug that needs rapid authorization from the FDA in order to be sold to the masses? Looking to siphon billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayer for your newfound pharmaceutical product?” Schachtel joked.

“In today’s America, you can buy yourself a former FDA commissioner, and use the public-sector private-sector revolving door system of corruption to impose your will on the American public, and make a windfall for your executives and shareholders in the process.”

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