White House pushes demonic, anti-science “gender equity” initiative rooted in pure fantasy and self-victimization

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As China advances throughout the Indo-Pacific region, Russia works to control the flow of energy into NATO’s Europe, as the supply chain collapses across the United States, and as inflation acts as a massive new hidden tax on all Americans, especially the working class, the Biden regime has different priorities.

Including “gender equity.”

A new initiative launched by the regime last week focuses not on real problems but creating an imaginary one so that the White House can appear to be ‘fixing it’ in order to curry favor with the Democratic Party’s increasingly lunatic base.

“President Biden and Vice President Harris believe that advancing gender equity and equality is fundamental to every individual’s economic security, safety, health, and ability to exercise their most basic rights,” says a White House press release explainer. “It is also essential to economic growth and development, democracy and political stability, and the security of nations across the globe. Ensuring that all people, regardless of gender, have the opportunity to realize their full potential is, therefore, both a moral and strategic imperative.

“Yet no country in the world has achieved gender equality—and we are at an inflection point,” the press release notes further.

Literally, none of that is true. The United States, via our Constitution, mandated equality 240 years ago. And while we did not always practice what our founders preached, we used the very same Constitution they bequeathed us to pass legislation and ratify new amendments throughout our history to achieve their original vision of all being created “equal.” In today’s America, everyone is free to pursue their dreams and each year, tens of millions of us realize them.

The press release continued:

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled a health crisis, an economic crisis, and a caregiving crisis that have magnified the challenges that women and girls, especially women and girls of color, have long faced.  It has also exacerbated a “shadow pandemic” of gender-based violence in the United States and around the world.  These overlapping crises have underscored that, for far too long, the status quo has left too many behind.

Again, this is untrue and out of context. The ‘health crisis, economic crisis, and caregiving crisis’ were all created by design. Donald Trump, our true president, did not want to keep our country locked down for a virus that he knew was going to spread anyway, but he did recommend it, and then Democrats exploited the virus to destroy his (our) economy and drive him from office. As for “gender-based violence” being a problem and a crisis in the U.S., that is just a flat-out lie; where that is a problem is usually in truly intolerant countries like Iran and other nations were their religious dogma does not accommodate LGBTQ lifestyles.

“This moment demands that we build back better. It requires that we acknowledge and address longstanding gender discrimination and the systemic barriers to full participation that have held back women and girls,” the press release says.

The only true discrimination taking place today has all been created by Biden’s and Harris’ party: Against white men; against heterosexual men and women, boys and girls; against Christians; against Trump supporters; against conservatives.

So — what’s the ‘plan’ here? What is the regime going to do to address these ghost issues?

“The strategy identifies ten interconnected priorities: 1) economic security; 2) gender-based violence; 3) health; 4) education; 5) justice and immigration; 6) human rights and equality under the law; 7) security and humanitarian relief; 8) climate change; 9) science and technology; and 10) democracy, participation, and leadership.  These priorities are inherently linked and must be tackled in concert,” the press release says.

The list goes on but it’s all just pabulum; there aren’t any real problems with any of those ‘issues’ so there cannot be any specific ‘solutions’ — just more nefarious nonsense to divert our attention away from the regime’s real problems like the border crisis, inflation, the collapsing supply chain and China’s long march.

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