America’s Top Wine Explorer: The Best Wine for Thanksgiving


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Looking forward to a big Thanksgiving meal?

A big Thanksgiving meal needs a heftier wine. And this year, especially, I think we all deserve something with bold flavor and complex personality.

Recently, we got a small shipment of rare malbec made at vineyards around 9,000 feet high in Argentina’s northwestern frontier (ordering through this link and the links below benefits Gateway Pundit).

With a dark purplish color… notes of blackberry, cherry, leather, and smoke… and a rugged mouthfeel…

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…extreme altitude malbec is a wine you won’t soon forget.

Take it from America’s Top Wine Explorer…

When people hear that I run the only private wine partnership in America, they assume I sit around in Napa tasting the latest ultra-smooth (and overpriced) cabernet sauvignon…

…or that I’m always jetting off to France to taste the latest 100 point St Emilion (which, surprise!… tastes the same as the 89 pt St Emilion!)…

They don’t expect to hear about the number of times I’ve been kicked, trampled, and bucked off by horses…

…or the amount of strange meat cooked over an open fire I’ve eaten…

I’m just a regular American who got tired of those flimsy wines you find at most supermarkets – you know the kind… the cheap throat-burning reds…the syrupy yellow whites…

The mass market wine industry’s best-held secret is just how similar their process has become to manufacturing at a soda pop plant… or worse, an oil refinery.

Nope – traditional media won’t tell you about that…

But recently, I came across wine unlike anything I’ve ever tasted…

Up until now, you’d have to travel thousands of miles (and a 5 hour drive on treacherous dirt roads) just to get your hands on a single bottle.

Heck, I nearly died trying to find some of these remote vineyards… The wine is that special!

Want to give them a try?

As a special Thanksgiving deal for Gateway Pundit readers, I’ve arranged for you to get $60 off your very own supply of extreme altitude wine…

You’ll also get 50% off shipping!

If you enjoy wine… if you’d like to taste wine as it truly should taste… click here.


Will Bonner

P.S. Order by November 14th and you’ll get $60 off this perfect Thanksgiving wine. But these wines are made in very small quantities. So we will run out quickly.

Click here to reserve your extreme altitude wines…

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