The Legacy of Reverend Robert Sirico

Reverend Robert Sirico in 2015. (Acton Institute/YouTube)
Reflecting on the good that the co-founder of the Acton Institute has done.


 have been a Catholic my entire life.

I’ve heard countless homilies vilifying the rich and extolling socialistic government. After all, the apostle Saint Paul has been misquoted so often that “money is the root of all evil” has become accepted vernacular.

In all my years, though, I had never heard a priest discuss economic liberty and the virtues of the free market. That is, until 2015, when I encountered the Reverend Robert Sirico. For the first time, I listened to a different scriptural understanding of wealth, power, and what we should do with them.

For 31 years, this Catholic priest has been doing just

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