The Rent-Policy Debate Is Too Damn Stupid

A “For Rent” sign is placed in front of a home in Arlington, Va., June 8, 2021. (Will Dunham/Reuters)
When it comes to housing, more is more. Even socialists ought to be capable of understanding that.


here is almost no subject — not even Modern Monetary Theory! — that inspires toxic stupidity quite like the subject of rental properties.

The New York Times has brought its subscribers a video (because some things are, in fact, too blisteringly stupid for print) about a so-called tenants’-rights bill under consideration in the state of New York, a daft little sliver of propaganda put together by Jeff Seal, “a comedian, visual journalist and member of the Lower Manhattan chapter of Democratic Socialists of America,” as the Times puts it. That description is just terrific — no Upper West Side socialists here, comrade, we

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