Is This How Democrats Will Steal the Midterm Elections?

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There’s a trick Democrats use to get their way, even when they don’t have the necessary popular support or legislative authority.

I first caught on to the trick back when Barry Obama was in the White House. At the very beginning of his first term, Democrats briefly held a supermajority in Congress (the stuff of nightmares). They used their advantage to ram through socialized medicine by deeming the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to have passed because they lost their supermajority before it actually had. (Never let anyone tell you the Left had any sort of mandate to foist that upon us. But I digress.)

Obama got elected partly by promising illegal immigrants and their allies that he would get “comprehensive immigration reform” (CIR) passed, and they would all be granted legal residency status. But once he had squandered the brief Democrat stranglehold on power by nationalizing healthcare, he started catching heat for failing to carry through on CIR when he had the chance.

BO’s goose was cooked after the Dems’ crude performance with Obamacare lost them their death grip on Congress, and even his watered-down DREAM act couldn’t gain traction. With no legislative options in sight, it seemed the Left’s dream of flooding the country with unskilled, destitute, culturally incongruous, socialism-ready, government-dependent immigrants (aka permanent-Democrat-majority voters) was doomed. But then, Obama used the Democrats’ trick — the same trick the Biden Collective is using right now — to get his way.

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He went ahead and did it anyway!

Obama unilaterally made up a new class of illegal aliens — those brought here as children through no fault of their own — who could not be deported. He created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, granting permission to stay and even the right to work to the young colonists. President Trump tried to get rid of the program but Leftist judges threw monkey wrenches into his efforts, and then the Biden Collective simply reinstated DACA when it took office.

In addition, the Obama and Biden administrations use claims of executive discretion to throw the border wide open and let everyone stream in. The Biden Collective even fills planes and buses with illegal immigrants and distributes them all over the country. It didn’t just throw out the Public Charge Rule, it freely dispenses the taxpayers’ money to their new illegal neighbors.

There are tens of millions of illegal immigrants now in the United States, and it will be virtually impossible to get rid of them. The democrats wanted them here; they didn’t have the authority or support to bring them here or keep them here, but they did it anyway.

And that’s how the trick works. When they are stymied by laws that have been properly passed by the people’s representatives, Democrats simply proceed with their plans. Sometimes they get away with it indefinitely and sometimes the courts rein them back in, but by then they’ve already gotten their way. (Obama’s DACA beneficiaries are still here, and many have children of their own now, who are native-born U.S. citizens.)

This Leftist tactic — just going ahead and doing whatever they want even if they don’t have the authority — was widely used to circumvent election laws, especially in swing states, during the 2020 general election. I reported on an example just yesterday when a judge finally ruled that election officials had illegally overruled the laws already on the books when they created a whole bunch of new ways to vote. In this case, the Wisconsin Elections Commission, using the all-purpose excuse of COVID-19 safety, issued instructions that local election officials could create ballot drop boxes and facilitate ballot harvesting. The arbitrary new rules did not go through the correct process and enabled all sorts of irregularities, but they produced a few hundred votes more than the margin by which Biden was declared the winner in that state. The judge’s ruling that these votes had been cast illegally is a nice vindication, but it comes too late to undo the damage. The Democrats got what they wanted because they went ahead and did it anyway.

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Commenters on yesterday’s story were enraged that the decision came so late, but that particular lawsuit wasn’t filed until after the election. And anyway, this article is about looking ahead, trying to predict how Democrats will do whatever they want to the midterm and general elections regardless of what the law says, and getting ready to stop them.

The good news is that the Left will soon lose one of its most potent tools to create voting irregularities, override the laws, and enable cheating; COVID-19 has just about run its course as a scare-people-into-compliance tool as it takes its place among the myriad seasonal viruses we already live with. So unless China unleashes yet another “novel virus” on the world, Democrats will be harder pressed to justify rule changes. Advantage: us.

What excuse will they use instead? The answer may lie in the federal legislation they most recently failed to pass legitimately, the so-called For the People Act of 2021. If it had passed, the act would have nationalized elections and done away with safeguards for election integrity. It would have turned Election Day into Election Month, limited states’ ability to purge rolls of ineligible voters, gotten rid of ID requirements, and cemented drop boxes and vote-by-mail — the chief sources of the massive irregularities in 2020 — as permanent fixtures of future elections.

The Democrats have neither the legislative authority nor the public support to enact these cheating and fraud-enabling measures. But mark my words, they will try to do it anyway. Remember that they don’t need to craft their new rules to have any sort of staying power; they just need them to remain in place during voting.

Why didn’t more judges strike down the extralegal rules during the last election? Two reasons: First, Democrats would often pre-empt legal challenges by getting a like-minded activist to file a lawsuit in a friendly court before Republicans could get the issue in front of an unbiased judge. The two Leftist sides would argue before a Leftist judge and come away with a rubber-stamp approval of whatever it was they wanted to do. And as for judges who may have been inclined to follow the law, remember that the election was held at the tail end of the “summer of love,” when mobs had spent months rampaging freely through Democrat-run cities, looting, burning, beating, and killing. Leftist spokesmen were promising more violence if Trump were to win, and mobs regularly threatened conservatives in restaurants and at their homes. Judges are people, too, with families they love. Advantage: Leftists.

In 2022 and 2024, Republicans should be ready to get challenges to rule changes in front of judges promptly as well as provide security and support to judges who face intimidation.

Since the controversial and highly irregular election of 2020, numerous states — many of them swing states where Biden won narrow victories — have rightly and properly shored up their election integrity protections. Democrats are livid, but with the collapse of the For the People Act, they can’t do a thing about it. Advantage: us.

The White House has no constitutional, legal power to change state election laws, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try to override them. When planning our defense, it’s important to think like a Leftist. Leftists don’t take “no” for an answer. If they want to do something, they will feel bound neither by the law nor by ethical concerns.

If they want to meddle with elections and help facilitate fraud, they will simply fabricate a fig leaf of some sort and go ahead and do it. Remember: it only needs to stick for a little while, just long enough to claim a victory.

What form will the justification take? Perhaps it will be a rationalization for an extralegal enactment of some of the provisions the Democrats tried to codify with the For the People Act. They will need to generate a crisis and a panic of some sort, so watch for the media to start pushing a sob story about a “person of color” whose rights are being trampled on. Or maybe there will be a snafu getting enough ballots to “underserved” communities.

Once the pretext is established, perhaps the DOJ will step in, citing the ginned-up atrocity as their authorization for taking action. The media will have done their part to tell a half-story and whip up enough public outrage that the polls will shift briefly in favor of the government “doing something about it.” Then whatever changes the Left wants to make — hundreds of unmanned dropboxes in Leftist cities, temporary suspensions of ID checks, or relaxed standards for ballots, for example — will be put in place swiftly. (I wouldn’t be surprised if the dropboxes are already built and pre-staged, ready for instant deployment once the bogus executive action is announced.)

Leftists will hand-pick the judges who hear the challenges when possible and intimidate them when not. The votes will be cast and tallied, huge vote dumps will pop up out of sight of poll-watchers, and victory will be claimed. Lastly, records, surveillance video, ballot envelopes, and other safeguards will be “lost” or destroyed so any forensic audit is impossible.

Leftists are definitely a “better to beg forgiveness than ask permission” group. They are almost certainly going to try to use their trick — just do want they want — to shift future elections in their favor.

Forewarned is forearmed. Will Republicans let them get away with it again?

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  1. ABSOLUTELY!! They will do everything in their evil ways “TO STEAL, AGAIN” this coming 2022 election, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the 2024 presidential election, especially, that they were able to convince Killery (who is the “Dame of Witchcraft/Sadistic Slave Handler” of the NWO. Shocked by what I’ve said about her? I have research the NWO since 2003, and discovered so many shocking, proofs, and their satanic way of handling things. It is no surprise, as those who joined the NWO (the most high-organized crime and satanic organization) has to pledge allegiance to their LUCIFERIC Government, as their god is Satan, and their supreme leader, is the Antichrist (the son of Satan). Don’t take my word for it, if your don’t believe what I say here. Do your own in-depth research, as you will come up with the same knowledge and information that I have. But first, ask the Living Almighty and Omnipotent GOD for His Guidance. GOD BLESS EVERYONE+++

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