Biden Brings Back Obama-Era Secret Iran Deals

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There is nothing original about the Biden administration. From day one, Biden’s agenda has been a massive reset to the Obama-era status quo.

It makes sense, actually. Biden’s administration is full of Obama administration retreads who were severely triggered by watching Trump dismantle Obama’s legacy for four years.

So, upon taking office, Biden immediately started emulating Obama, going wild with executive orders that essentially restored Obama-era policies. But it’s not just policies that Biden has brought back; he’s also brought back Obama-era corruption and secrecy.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, the Biden administration is “withholding a ‘secret agreement’ with Iran from Congress as negotiations over a revamped nuclear deal continue in Vienna.”

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Russia has reportedly proposed an interim nuclear deal to Iran, with some Biden administration officials in the know. The deal would lift some sanctions on Iran in exchange for some restrictions on their nuclear program.

Why don’t they just give Iran nuclear weapons? That’s basically what this would do. But I digress.

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For what it’s worth, Tehran reportedly rejected the deal because they wanted even more money. Which I’m sure Biden and Putin will ultimately give them. But the details of these negotiations are not being reported to Congress.

“Russia sent a secret agreement to Iran,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R- Tex.), the lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon. “Russia is trying to take the lead now in the negotiations with Iran. This is a secret agreement. We haven’t seen it.”

“Reports that the Biden administration is working with the Russians on a secret nuclear agreement with Iran are doubly concerning,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R.-Wis.), a House Armed Services Committee member, said. “First, they create a conflict of interest with Russia as we are trying to prevent an invasion of Ukraine. Second, preemptive sanctions relief, and failure to transmit an interim agreement to Congress would violate the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. The administration needs to end their simultaneous surrender to Russia and Iran before it’s too late.”

Anyone else having déjà vu? You should. Barack Obama liked to negotiate with Iran in secret too.

In 2015, we learned that Obama secretly negotiated a side deal with Iran that allowed the terrorism-sponsoring regime to inspect itself for compliance with the nuclear agreement. This deal violated Obama’s promise that the nuclear deal with Iran would be based on “unprecedented  verification,” not on “trust.”

In fact, we only found out about this secret deal by accident, because then-Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) were in Vienna when International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) officials casually mentioned it days after the agreement was announced. The deals were so secret that not only were Pompeo and Cotton not allowed to see them, but no one in the Obama administration got to see them either.

“In other words, Obama is gambling our national security and handing over $150 billion in sanctions relief to Iran, based on secret agreements negotiated between the IAEA and Iran that no U.S. official has seen,” Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen noted at the time.

Obama also secretly negotiated a $400 million ransom payment to Iran that coincided with the release of four hostages. The payment was made with foreign currency and done under cover of night. Obama kept this so well under wraps that not even Congress knew about the payments or the hostage exchange. Why not? Probably because Obama knew the cash payment was illegal.

Remember how Biden promised to “bring transparency and truth back to government”? So why would he be negotiating secret deals with the world’s number one terrorist-sponsoring nation? Is it because Obama did it, too? Or is he trying to hide something really shady from Congress and the public?

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