‘Once you s**t in someone’s bed, you just guilty of everything’: Chris Rock roasts Amber Heard

Comedian Chris Rock roasted Amber Heard, who on Monday denied allegations that she pooped in the bed she once shared with ex-husband Johnny Depp amid the former couple’s ongoing defamation trial.

What is the latest in the Depp-Heard trial?

Heard took the stand Monday to address allegations that she left a “surprise” on Depp’s side of the bed following an argument in 2016. The “Aquaman” actress denied the allegations, saying the ex-couple’s teacup Yorkie, Boo, was to blame. She added that the dog suffered from “bowel control issues” ever since eating Depp’s weed as a puppy.

Amber Heard Denies the Pooping on the Bed Incident || Johnny Depp VS Amber Heard


In April, Depp’s former chauffeur and security guard, Starling Jenkins III, testified that Heard told him she left a “surprise” in “the boss’s bed.” Jenkins explained that, while collecting the actress’ luggage from the bedroom, he found poop in the bed, adding that Heard called the incident “a horrible practical joke gone wrong.”

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What did Chris Rock say?

During his “Ego Death” stand-up tour in London, Rock joked that we should “believe all women” — except those who poop the bed.

“Believe all women. Believe all women … except Amber Heard,” Rock quipped “What the f*** is she on? She s**t in his bed! She’s fine, but she’s not s**tting fine. She s**t in his bed. Once you s**t in someone’s bed, you just guilty of everything.”

“THE BIGGEST LIER EVER!” Chris Rock RAGES On Amber Heard For Destroying Johnny Depp


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