‘An abortion is an act of love’: Bisexual woman says she would prefer abortion over having a kid who gets ‘adopted by white evangelicals’

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A woman faced backlash on Wednesday after tweeting that she would prefer having an abortion over giving birth to a brown baby who then gets “adopted by white evangelicals.”

“I would rather get an abortion than have a Brown child who ends up being adopted by white evangelicals. It is not a kindness to children of the global majority to give them to people who’ll traumatize them with self and ancestral hatred. An abortion is an act of love,” Jo Luehmann tweeted.

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Luehmann has described herself as bisexual, and said that she does not hate white people — she is married to a white man.

Someone who responded to Luehmann’s tweet wrote, “I’d die for my kids. Even before they were born. I love them that much. Jo on the other hand, would kill her own child and sacrifice her own child out of hatred for another race, and out of pure convenience. What a sick world we live in.”

“I have 4 children. The last one was an unwanted pregnancy. Do not speak about how I feel about my children just because I would chose abortion over letting my offspring be raised by bigots who subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) hate them,” Luehmann replied.

Someone else declared, “She thinks my kid is better off dead than in there with her Mama, playing with stuffed animals while I finish grilling supper. Cool. Cool cool cool.”

“No. I think my offspring are better not existing than with white evangelicals. MY OFFSPRING,” Luehmann fired back.

Over on Instagram Luehmann wrote, “White and Christian supremacy kill people of the global majority. They kill LGBTQ+ people. They kill religious minorities. Why would I give a Brown child who could (and likely will) be queer and may have no interest in Christianity to people who’ll teach them they are inadequate in most all of their identities?”

“People who think not coming to this world is the worst that can happen to a zygote have never had to experience the excruciating realities of systemic oppression. Not existing isn’t the worst that can happen for MANY Black, Brown, queer, non-Christian folks. In this oppressive dumpster fire it absolutely is love to choose an abortion for marginalized folks (and since women, non-binary folks, trans men and poor folks are all oppressed in this society, abortion is love, love that can hurt for some, but love nonetheless,” Luehmann wrote.

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  1. Had to pull the race card, huh?
    And what about the trauma of the abortion process itself? (to the child)

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