White Supremacists Everywhere: Biden Tries to Link Jan. 6 with Buffalo Shooting

It was yet another new low for an administration of lows. Old Joe Biden shuffled off to Buffalo on Tuesday, as the Buffalo shooting fits his administration’s narrative about “white supremacists” constituting the nation’s foremost terrorism threat. As PJM’s Matt Margolis pointed out Monday, Biden’s Buffalo trip “stands in stark contrast to his refusal to visit Waukesha, Wisc., after a black nationalist supporter of Black Lives Matter drove an SUV through a Christmas parade in a racially motivated attack that killed six people, including an 8-year-old boy.” Even worse, while in Buffalo, Biden tried to link the shooting to the Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol, and even fancifully claimed that “world leaders” were coming up to him to ask him what had gone so terribly wrong in America that such things were happening here.

Biden stumbled through an awkward tribute to the victims, noting that one of them, “Andrei Mackneil — excuse me, Andre Mackneil,” had a three-year-old son who was “celing a birthday.” The WhiteHouse.gov transcript wonks, as always performing their act as the people who follow after the circus elephant with broom and dustpan, helpfully add “celebrating” in brackets after “celing.” Old Joe described another, Geraldine Talley, as an “expert banker”; WhiteHouse.gov tactfully informs us with another bracketed addition that she was actually a baker. According to Biden, another victim had a “heart as big as her head.”

The grief and suffering of the families of the victims is incalculable. Does it really help for Dementia Joe to go up to Buffalo and ludicrously mangle his tribute remarks? In any case, Old Joe blundered on, and finally got to the red meat he had come to throw to his blue base: “In America, evil will not win — I promise you. Hate will not prevail. And white supremacy will not have the last word. For the evil did come to Buffalo, and it’s come to all too many places, manifested in gunmen who massacred innocent people in the name of hateful and perverse ideology rooted in fear and racism.”

Joe has, meanwhile, not said a single word about the “hateful and perverse ideology rooted in fear and racism” that led black nationalist Darrell Brooks to murder six people in Waukesha, or black nationalist Frank James to go on a shooting spree in the Brooklyn subway. Why can’t Biden condemn all racism? Because those who hate white people and are pushing Critical Race Theory upon schools and organizations all over the country form a core element of his base.

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Working hard to shore up his administration’s sagging narrative about a “white supremacist” terror threat, Biden declared: “What happened here is simple and straightforward: terrorism. Terrorism. Domestic terrorism. Violence inflicted in the service of hate and a vicious thirst for power that defines one group of people being inherently inferior to any other group.” Then he dragged in the talking point about how the “Great Replacement Theory” has been spread “through the media and politics, the Internet.” He thundered: “I call on all Americans to reject the lie.  And I condemn those who spread the lie for power, political gain, and for profit.” Biden added: “White supremacy is a poison. It’s a poison — (applause) — running through — it really is — running through our body politic. And it’s been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes.”

A bit later in his speech he invoked another favored Leftist talking point: that the conservative opposition Leftists smear as “white supremacy” is a threat to “our democracy”: “Look, the American experiment in democracy is in a danger like it hasn’t been in my lifetime. It’s in danger this hour. Hate and fear are being given too much oxygen by those who pretend to love America but who don’t understand America.” So by all means, we must stamp it out! Freedom of speech? Forget it! It’s letting “white supremacy” have oxygen!

“As president of the United States,” Biden said, “I travel the world all the time, and other nations ask me — heads of state and other countries ask me, ‘What’s going on? What in God’s name happened on January 6th? What happened in Buffalo? What happ-…’  They ask.” This was an obvious Biden lie, for the Buffalo shooting took place on May 14, and Biden was speaking on May 17. In the intervening three days, he didn’t “travel the world.” But by mentioning Jan. 6 and Buffalo in the same breath, Biden was trying to tie the two together and smear Trump and his supporters as white supremacists who were liable to kill random people in a supermarket.

It’s a lie that is much more insidious and dangerous than anything Biden railed against in Buffalo. This is because it represents an attempt to do nothing less than stigmatize and criminalize political opposition. Biden and his henchmen are trying and will continue to try to use the Buffalo shooting to demonize their principal opponents as white supremacists who are direct threats to the republic, or the “democracy,” as they insist on calling it. It’s politics at its absolute dirtiest, cynically masquerading as humanitarian concern for the victims of a massacre.

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  1. Old socialist senile knows how his whiny gullible supporters love playing their race card. They’ll believe anything if it involves the words racism or white supremist.

  2. Two quick thoughts: Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe that it is the truth. And the, if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything – problem or opportunity – looks like a nail.

  3. The Ultra Mega A-hole Biden who is demented, stupid and morally bankrupt. You and your pal Obama who also ignores you are two punks who could not carry Donald Trumps bowel movements in a bucket.

  4. In the words of Barack Obama, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f… things up.” Translation: Joe is skilled at that.

  5. Biden’s refusal to visit Waukesha, Wisc., after a black nationalist supporter of Black Lives Matter drove an SUV through a Christmas parade in a racially motivated attack that killed six people, including an 8-year-old boy shows that all a person will need in the future is wear black-face before they go on a killing spree.

    The it will only be “black” on black crime, or “black” on White crime. No big deal then!

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