Mom ‘barged into’ third-grade classroom, threatened and cursed out teacher, blocked door preventing teacher, students from leaving: Report

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A mother reportedly “barged into'” a third-grade classroom in Fresno, California, earlier this week and threatened physical violence against and hollered curses at the teacher — all in front of students — and even blocked the classroom door, preventing all inside the classroom from leaving.

What are the details?

The incident took place just after 8 a.m. Tuesday at Pyle Elementary School while the teacher was taking attendance, the
Fresno Bee reported, citing a Fresno Teachers Association media release.

The parent entered the school while campus gates were open, which allow a “free flow” of students heading to class, district spokesperson Diana Diaz told the paper.

The parent and a teenage girl with her blocked the classroom door, preventing the teacher and her class from leaving the room while yelling and cursing at the teacher, the Bee said, citing the FTA statement.

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Another teacher overheard the disturbance and called police, who soon got the parent out of the school, the paper said.

Repeat offender

The teachers’ union said it wasn’t the first time the parent in question has threatened a teacher, the Bee reported.

“According to teachers, this parent’s behavior and the behavior of her student have been an ongoing concern for nearly three school years, yet district administration has done nothing to address it,” FTA officials said in the release, according to the paper.


The teachers’ union responded to the incident with a list of demands, the Bee said, which include:

  • Trauma support for affected students and staff;
  • A full investigation into how the parent got into the school and classroom, as well as her past behavior;
  • Transferring the parent’s student into independent study for the rest of the school year;
  • A campus safety plan;
  • A district-funded campus assistant.

“Unfortunately, this incident and others like it, are the ugly culmination of Fresno Unified’s unwritten policy of not holding students and adults responsible for their inappropriate behavior,” said Manuel Bonilla, FTA president, according to the paper. “No one deserves to interrupt the learning of our students.”

Pyle’s principal began the process of filing a restraining order, Diaz added, according the Bee.


A number of incidents involving criminal behavior of parents on school property have been reported of late:

A 67-year-old woman and her adult daughter stormed into a South Carolina middle school Wednesday to confront students they believed were bullying their relative — and the pair ended up beating three students, none of whom bullied their relative.

A father was involved in a massive brawl with students on an Arizona high school campus earlier this month, after which the dad and a student were arrested. Check out a report on that incident below:

At least 14 students may face suspension after man, 15-year-old charged in Tucson High fight

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