‘Racist’ Joy Reid gets ruthlessly mocked for screeching falsehoods about Roe v. Wade

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is at it again. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on Roe v. Wade, Reid is at the front of the line screeching falsehoods about abortion, the Constitution, and forcing women to give birth. Fortunately, Mark is here to set the record straight and tell Joy Reid to sit down.

BlazeTV host Mark Levin of “LevinTV” made an example of Joy Reid, naming her as “one of the leading racists on television today.” Reid spews her poison against Justice Sam Alito with ignorance and hate in Mark’s view.

In this clip, Mark reacts to a clip from Reid’s show discussing the so-called “frightening truth about where we are headed post-Roe v. Wade.” Mark’s most important point is that the Supreme Court ruled it has no say in how the States handle abortion laws. Watch the video for Mark’s merciless takedown of Reid.

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