Biden’s Top 5 Worst Affirmative Action Picks

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Joe Biden has always tried to compensate for his lowly status as an Old White Guy™ by making his administration the Affirmative Action Administration—selecting and nominating people for various positions based on their diversity scores. Sadly, these staffing decisions haven’t always worked out so well. Below, I present the five worst affirmative action picks Biden has made so far.

Pete Buttigieg was laughable as a presidential candidate, and his troubled tenure as Biden’s Secretary of Transportation has proven that he wasn’t qualified for either job. His sexuality is the only thing that earns him any diversity points and is probably the only reason he ever made it onto the national radar. Buttigieg, when he isn’t absent from the job, continually proves his lack of ability to handle it. In this position, Buttigieg seems only to make headlines for things deserving of mockery, like his claim last year that roads and bridges were racist or his complete incompetence with the supply chain crisis.

Karine Jean-Pierre

After serving as deputy White House Press Secretary under the Circle Back Girl, it seemed like Karine Jean-Pierre should have gained enough experience to be moderately competent as her replacement. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Despite ubiquitous praise from the media for being a Black Lesbian Woman™, Jean-Pierre’s first weeks as White House Press Secretary haven’t gone very well. She has managed to be even less prepared than Jen Psaki, awkwardly dodging questions and constantly having to refer to her notes. Even the White House seems to admit that Jean-Pierre isn’t taking to the job well and have brought Pentagon spokesman John Kirby over to babysit her.

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Rachel Levine

Biden announced his intention to nominate Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine (born Richard Levine) for assistant health secretary even before taking office. Levine should never have been nominated, much less confirmed. And not just because he’s a man who identifies as a woman or because he endorsed subjecting kids to chemical castration. In 2020, Levine faced calls for his resignation over “the horrific results of the [health] department’s COVID-19 policy” on nursing homes and long-term care facilities. He also removed his mother from such a facility while others could not do so.

Not only was Levine put in his position solely for being transgender, but the Biden administration, obsessed with affirmative action picks and “historic” milestones, promoted Levine to be a four-star admiral of the U.S. Public Health Services (USPHS) Commissioned Corps and even dubbed him the “first female four-star admiral” even though he is a male. Can anyone honestly say that if Rachel Levine weren’t transgender, you would know who he is?

Ketanji Brown Jackson

Joe Biden promised to nominate a Black Woman™ to the Supreme Court while he was still a candidate for president. “I’m looking forward to making sure there’s a black woman on the Supreme Court to make sure we in fact get everyone represented,” Biden promised during the Democratic primary debate in Charleston, S.C. in February 2020. He followed through on that promise and somehow landed on Jackson, a potentially anti-Semitic supporter of critical race theory with a long record of leniency for child porn offenders. Jackson was deliberately unforthcoming about her beliefs and judicial philosophy. On top of that, Jackson, who was nominated to the Supreme Court because she is a black woman, couldn’t define what a woman is.

There are many troubling things about Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, and her record. From being weak on crime and lenient for sex offenders to Jackson’s embrace of critical race theory and its proponents, there is plenty to be concerned about.

Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed but won’t take her seat until the next term. There’s little reason to think she’ll be a good Supreme Court justice.

Kamala Harris

In 2020, Joe Biden was widely seen as the most electable Democrat, but there were just three problems: his age, his gender, and his race. As an old white guy, he was the epitome of everything the left hates. So Biden committed to selecting a black woman as his running mate to compensate for his aged white maleness.

And for some reason, he landed on Kamala Harris, whose own presidential campaign was such a disaster that she dropped out before Iowa. She literally brought nothing substantive to the ticket, only demographic appeal. And, well, you’ve seen the results. Her tenure has been so disastrous that she is the least popular vice president in history.

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