NBC reporter Yamiche Alcindor gets slammed with backlash over biased comment against Republicans

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NBC News White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was hit with angry ridicule after she made a brazenly biased comment against Republicans.

Alcindor, who formerly worked for PBS, made the comments while a guest on Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show, “Deadline White House” on Monday.

“They took access absolutely because of a lie, but also I would say, that there also is racism in there,” said Alcindor.

“And the racism is a lie,” she added.

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“The vote, right!” Wallace interjected.

“Right, exactly, it’s like the lie, and racism which is a lie, which is that these black people don’t deserve the access to citizenship in the way that other Americans do, that they haven’t worked for it and they don’t understand, sort of, the weight of American democracy and as a result we need to make decisions for them,” Alcindor continued.

“I think those two things are so intertwined in this country, we often, I think, get to talk about the political side of this but the race side of this, in the fact that [Rep.] Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) is saying, in a country where we saw George Floyd die, it’s going to be two years this week that we saw this man murdered, in that same country we’re still sort of arguing about whether or not we want to teach our children and our students about whether or not sort of, racism has continued to permeate all of these different structures,” she explained.

“When we know graphically, when we know statistically that that is simply a fact,” Alcindor claimed.

Many on social media took exception to her dishonest and one-sided framing of the voter rights issue.

“What an insanely dishonest person. We already know that her claims about the GA voting law were false based on current turnout and registration levels, but then to also use those falsehoods to smear political opponents as racist is deplorable. PBS and NBC News should be ashamed,” read one critic.

“We do not think this. What an a**hole,” said writer Nathan Wurtzel.

“I dare them to find one real human being actually saying that. They can’t,” said another detractor.

Many pointed out that contrary to claims of voter suppression in Georgia, early voting turnout had broken records with nearly a 200% increase from the 2020 primary election. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, praised the results.

Here’s the video of Alcindor’s comments:

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