‘Do not vote for the worst Mom ever’: Florida state Sen. Kelli Stargel’s daughter wants to tank her mom’s bid for US Congress

Florida state Sen. Kelli Stargel’s daughter Hannah has released a video opposing her mother’s bid for U.S. Congress.

“Do not vote for the worst Mom ever,” declares text that accompanies the Tik Tok video post. The post also contains multiple hashtags, some of which include, “#dontvotestargel,” “#badmoms,” and “#religioustrauma.”

In the video, Hannah Stargel said that her mom had neglected her and prioritized politics above all else. She also described her mom as “a horrible, horrible person to look up to.”

According to Florida Politics, the the Republican congressional candidate issued a statement which said, “I love my daughter with all of my heart.”

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Stargel is slated to compete in the Republican primary for Florida’s 15th Congressional District.

“I think my mom still loves me, but the way that they show love is very much through their filter,” Hannah Stargel said, according to the outlet.

The Advocate has described Hannah as “bisexual.”

The website votestargel.com describes the Congressional candidate as someone who has pushed back against “socialist Democrats.”

“While our freedom, our families, and our way of life have been under attack by the liberal agenda, Kelli Stargel has been on the front lines fighting alongside Governor Ron DeSantis – to defend our conservative Florida values,” the website declares. “When socialist Democrats tried to shut down our economy, Kelli fought back and protected our right to earn a living. When socialist Democrats tried to shut down our churches, Kelli fought back to ensure religious freedom was protected, even in times of statewide emergency.

“When socialist Democrats tried to mask our children and mandate vaccines, Kelli fought back to defend the rights of our students, our parents, and our workers. When socialist Democrats tried to allow biological males to take over women’s sports, Kelli fought back. When socialist Democrats tried to indoctrinate our children with Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology, Kelli fought back,” the site states.

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