The Kruiser Kabana Episode 182: Drawing a Direct Line From Woke Culture to School Shootings

I have a lot of opinions about what plagues this country in these violent times and I haven’t been sharing all of them because I have a habit of being flippant and I don’t want that to happen when talking or writing about any tragedy.

There are, however, some things I’ve been pondering for a while and they make more and more sense as we descend into madness.


I mention in the episode that I’m still fleshing out a lot of stuff that I will eventually write about for everyone to read.

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Thanks for being my sounding board. We do appreciate the safe haven for ideas that you give us here, VIP friends. It’s a messy, messy world and it’s always nice to know that there are places we can retreat to for a little more calm and order.

I normally say “Enjoy!” when I sign off in these posts but I think “Thanks for listening” works better for this one.

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