Man hears woman yelling from an abandoned Chicago house and calls police. She had been chained up for days and raped, police said.

A Chicago man is being hailed as a hero after he alerted police over a woman screaming from an abandoned home.

Antoine Dobine was out walking on 119th and Eggleston in the Pullman neighborhood of the South Side on May 21 when he heard an alarming sound.

“As I get closer, I heard ‘Help!’ I said, ‘Hey, who is that?’ Bam! Bam! Bam! ‘Help!’ That’s when I called the police,” Dobine explained.

Dobine called the police who arrived and broke into the house.

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Police found a 36-year-old woman chained up in an upstairs bedroom who told them that she had been abducted and raped.

She had been chained and handcuffed for 4 to 5 days, according to a report from WFLD-TV.

The woman told police that she previously knew her abductor.

“What if that’s a little girl in there?” said Dobine about his thinking at the time. “A little little girl? What if there’s multiple little girls in there?”

Residents of the neighborhood told WFLD that the home where the woman was found had been abandoned for over 30 years.

The victim was treated at a local hospital and released.

A resident in the neighborhood said she knows the victim and had tried to help her.

“I feed her and when I see her I give her food and water and stuff, talk to her,” said Patricia Parnell to WLS-TV. “She is a sweet young lady, she is just down on her bad luck right now.”

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said the incident was a priority but that police were still working on getting a better description of a suspect from the victim.

“Now I fear for every woman in that community, because he’s still at large,” Dobine said of the alleged attacker.

Here’s a local news video about the incident:

Chicago man helps police rescue woman chained up in home in city’s Pullman neighborhood

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