Getting Arrested for Using the Wrong Pronouns? It’s Coming to America

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The transgender movement is fascist in pretty much every way. Despite becoming en vogue only recently, the trans movement is so desperate for the masses to affirm the delusions that men can become women, women can become men, and that there are an infinite number of genders that they believe it trumps our right to free speech.   If you don’t validate trans people by addressing them by their preferred pronouns, you’re a bigot–and you might even get arrested.

It’s true. It’s happened. Last year, a father in British Columbia was arrested for referring to his 14-year-old daughter as “she” after she transitioned.

In Britain, a journalist named Caroline Farrow was subject to a criminal investigation for “misgendering” a transgender individual on Twitter.

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This is scary stuff, and brace yourself because it’s happening in America too.

Earlier this month, a school district in Wisconsin filed sexual harassment complaints under Title IX against three 8th grade students because they referred to a classmate with the wrong pronoun. The so-called victim had switched the grammatically incorrect pronouns “they/them” only a month before the incident.

Title IX does not refer to gender identity or pronouns and only prohibits sex-based discrimination. Therefore, there is no inherent right to be referred to by one’s “preferred pronouns,” and the right to refer to an individual however you want is protected by the 1st Amendment.

“The lawyers for the accused 8th-grade boys in Wisconsin are correct that the law is on their side,” explains the Daily Caller, but Joe Biden’s Department of Education is expected to issue new Title IX interpretations, and so schools “may be compelled to police pronoun usage.”

While this is frightening enough, does anyone believe this isn’t the beginning of pronoun usage being policed universally? The Biden administration thinks it can change Title IX by reinterpreting sex-based discrimination to include gender identity and pronouns. Do you think they’ll stop there?

What’s going to happen to people like me who refuse to use preferred pronouns. As long-time readers of PJ Media are likely aware, I’ve written about transgender individuals many times and only recognize them by their biological sex, not their “gender identity.”

Chelsea Manning, Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Levine, and Amy Schneider are men, and I will refer to them by male pronouns. Chaz Bono and Elliot Page are women, and I will refer to them by female pronouns.

If the Biden administration thinks they can ever compel me to use their preferred pronouns, they got another thing coming because I’m not going to validate their delusion. All the hormone treatments and plastic surgery in the world can’t change who they really are.

Transgender activists argue that if someone wants to go by their preferred pronouns, there’s no harm in doing so. But this isn’t true. I have freedom of speech. They don’t have the freedom to be called by whatever pronouns they feel like. If they believe they’re the wrong gender, I can’t make them feel different, but they shouldn’t need me to validate their beliefs.

I will not be intimidated if the Biden administration decides to criminalize misgendering. I will not comply. Come and arrest me.

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