‘Nap time, that’s Biden’s plan’: Ted Cruz fires back after @POTUS tweet mentions him by name

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas fired back on Tuesday after a tweet posted on President Joe Biden’s @POTUS Twitter account called Cruz out by name.

“Ask yourself: How well are you going to sleep at night knowing that every five years Ted Cruz and other Congressional Republicans pushing ultra-MAGA policies are going to vote on whether you’ll have Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? That’s their plan,” the tweet on Biden’s account declared.

“Nap time, that’s Biden’s plan,” Cruz responded.

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The term MAGA is short for “Make America Great Again,” former President Donald Trump’s well-known campaign slogan.

Many others also reacted to the post from the @POTUS Twitter account.

“Tell me you’re looking for a new social media director without saying it,” Jonah Goldberg wrote.

“The president’s comms team….sorry, just going to say it: they really suck at this. Might as well be freeze dried this is so generic and lifeless. Does anybody over there have a pulse, fresh idea, or some kind of initiative? It’s embarrassing, get an adult in charge over there,” Andrew Donaldson commented.

“Actually, the existential threat to Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security is Biden’s program of unlimited low-wage immigration, unprotected open borders & mass amnesty. These extremist corporatist policies will eviscerate the safety net. One more reason working class fleeing Dems,” Stephen Miller tweeted.

“There’s still a baby formula shortage that Biden ignores & now a tampon shortage. Food is next. Inflation is through the roof with gas above $5 everywhere. THAT keeps Americans up at night, while it’s ignored by Biden who is desperately trying to make ‘ultra-MAGA’ happen,” Jason Rantz tweeted.

“Dems have the White House and Congress…and what have they done?” Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama tweeted, making a list that includes, “record gas prices,” “40+ year inflation high,” “worsening crisis at the southern border,” “a baby formula shortage,” “out of control crime rates,” and “evacuation of 2 US embassies.” Tuberville added, “But, it’s never their fault. NEVER.”

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