13-year-old student arrested for bringing loaded ghost gun to middle school, Maryland police say

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A 13-year-old student was arrested for bringing a loaded ghost gun to a middle school in Maryland, according to police.

The alleged incident unfolded on Tuesday at Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School in Fort Washington.

Police said they were called to the school after a report from a student who said that another student was showing off a ghost gun. Numerous students saw the gun.

When they arrived at the school at about 8:15 a.m., they found the gun in the waistband of a 13-year-old student. The school went into a brief period of lockdown during the incident.

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No one was injured in the incident, officials said, but charges against the child are pending. The child might be charged with bringing a loaded handgun and dangerous weapon onto a school property.

Maryland has banned ghost guns and the law went into effect in June. Despite the restriction, 10 guns have been recovered at Prince George’s County Public Schools since the beginning of the year, and three of them were ghost guns.

Prince George’s County at-large councilmember Mel Franklin told WUSA-TV that the issue needed to be addressed by officials.

“I think our oversight committee is going to have to look at it,” Franklin said. “I think our police chief is going to need to address it, obviously, our school system is trying to address it. All of those things need to come together to really come up with what our game plan is going to be.”

The school sent a letter home with students asking parents to discuss safety with their children.

“Please assist in our efforts to maintain a safe learning environment by discussing with your child acceptable behaviors that support a positive school climate,” read the school letter.

“Discuss with your child the consequences, such as expulsion, for bringing weapons or anything that resembles a weapon to school,” the school added. “Please encourage your child to always immediately report the sighting of any weapon or suspicious objects on school grounds to a staff member or trusted adult.”

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

13-year-old student arrested for bringing ghost gun to Prince George’s Co. middle school


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