Baseball fan tosses a ball from the game to a boy and the video goes mega-viral after his amazing response

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Video of a touching series of events from a major league baseball game went mega-viral after a man gave his prized foul ball to a kid sitting nearby in the stands.

The incident unfolded at the game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Kansas City Royals in Anaheim, California.

A player on the Royals threw a baseball into the crowd, and a man caught it. After a moment of celebration, the man tossed it to a young boy sitting near in front of him.

Later in the game, the boy got a chance to pay him back.

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The boy’s father was able to catch a home run ball that was coincidentally hit right in his area and he handed it to his son. After a few moments of celebrating, the kid pointed back the man and tossed the ball back at him.

The man was genuinely surprised as the crowd cheered them both on.

A video of the incident was compiled by the MLB and circulated widely on social media:

The video garnered more than 9 million views on Twitter alone where many commented on the touching interaction.

“Never been a baseball fan but love seeing things like this…that father is probably really proud of his son…great moment,” read one response.

“Baseball, man… it’s all we need,” replied another fan.

“Baseball fans can be so awesome. These two made me happy and a little teary eyed…There’s no crying in baseball! Love this,” said another commentator.

“Awesome stuff, that guys GF’s heart was melting! This is what it’s all about,” read another reply.

“This is why baseball is the greatest sport in the game!” said the announcer in the video. “Tremendous. Absolutely tremendous.

Despite the home run for the Angels, the Royals went on to beat the home team by a score of 12 to 11.

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