VIDEO: Truck drives through activists protesting for abortion rights in Iowa

Social media videos captured the moment a black truck drove through pro-abortion protesters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Friday.

It was unclear what precipitated the altercation but videos showed numerous protesters hanging on to the truck as it tried to drive through their protest.

“A man in a truck just ran down two peaceful protesters at the pro-abortion rally in Cedar Rapids,” tweeted writer Lyz Lenz from the protest. “Everyone seems to be okay. One woman had her foot run over. But it was terrifying.”

Lenz posted a photo of the truck that included the license plate, allowing online sleuths to track down the owner of the vehicle.

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She also posted one of the videos of the incident:

Ashley Vanorny, a member of the Cedar Rapids City Council, said she was there and tweeted about what she witnessed.

“Tonight a truck jumped traffic + plowed into peaceful protestors crossing the pedestrian walkway at the Federal Courthouse. I was walking along side them—the crowd included children alongside me,” she claimed.

Cedar Rapids Police said at least one person was injured by the truck but that the injuries were minor.

Iowa was one of the states that passed laws offering some immunity to drivers who injure protesters when their cars have been blocked off during the protest.

Protests erupted across the country after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a judgement overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision establishing the right to abortion in 1973. Legal experts have admitted for decades that the rationale for the original decision was flimsy and poorly argued.

Critics of the judgment accuse the conservative justices of deceiving Congress about their intention and willingness to overturn the key decision. Democrats have vowed to fight to pass laws to reestablish abortion rights but most pundits believe their political power will be significantly lessened in the midterm elections.

Here’s more about the end of federal abortion rights:

Glenn reacts LIVE, is STUNNED with Roe v. Wade overturn

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