The Kruiser Kabana Episode 185: My Kid Is Smarter Than All of the Facebook Senior-Moment Libs

As we are all well aware, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for those who occupy the permanently emo side of the political aisle. The steady stream of Supreme Court decisions that have favored conservatives has driven the lefties to a permanent state of meltdown, especially on social media.


The spectacle of watching people get so overwrought about not being able to kill babies has been disturbing. When one has to pay attention to social media the way I do for work, it often seems like I might never have a calm discussion with anyone from the left again.

Enter my 23-year-old (soon to be 24) daughter.

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We got to spend a few glorious days together this past week, and we had some good political discussions despite the fact that we don’t agree on much these days. I’m quite proud of how she thinks through things and defends her opinions, and I repeatedly told her so.

Anyway, enjoy the “Kruiser gushes about his kid…” episode, my friends!

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