MORONS run this country, and Chad Prather is FED UP!

BlazeTV’s Chad Prather of “The Chad Prather Show” was fired up over the moronic “leadership” plaguing the United States, especially New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who had an exceptionally ridiculous piece of “inspiration” for her social media followers.

“Personal acts of reclamation,” according to AOC, manifest and different ways, and no act of “resistance” is too small. To demonstrate her bit of reclamation, AOC got a manicure. That’s right, folks, in all of her girl-power-having glory, AOC stood up for all women with a gesture of “selfless servitude” and got a manicure.

As Chad points out in the second video, nothing says girl power like getting a manicure. “Go get your nails did, honey … go get your nails did,” Chad said sarcastically.

Morons run this country.

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Chad explained that if you thought this fight we are in for values, liberties, and freedom is being lost, remember that we’re up against people who use paint on their fingernails to determine their philosophy to fight against you!

We are living in an age where stupidity is reigning.

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