Woke Wednesday, Part II: This Time It’s Personal. 10 NYC Thugs Rack up Almost 500 Arrests Between Them

The city that never weeps over its explosive crime rate is about to cry.

According to the New York Post, ten of New York City’s busiest, most industrious criminals have racked up roughly 485 arrests between them, many of those since the Big Apple embraced no-bail laws because of, you know, wokeness.

The most-arrested criminal in NYC is a mysterious thug known only as Recidivist #1. He/she — no preferred pronouns available — has been snagged by the New York Police Department a total of 101 times. Mad bomb shouts for hitting the century mark. Eighty-eight of those arrests took place after the no-bail laws kicked in, and 74 of them were for larceny. Target stores were one of his favorite places to ply his trade.

The Babe Ruth of NYC crime has 15 convictions under the belt, three of which are for felonies. He has also somehow missed court appearances 14 times. Business must be good.

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  • Two of the top ten con men are believed to have turned to full-time crime to make ends meet after the state flushed away bail laws.
  • The rearrest rate of people accused of thievery and burglary is three times higher now than in 2017.
  • Six of the legendary highwaymen are still walking the streets.

The real question is this: how many crimes did the Big Ten commit versus the number of times they were busted? I’m betting it’s in the thousands.

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New York City’s commie District Attorney Alvin Bragg deserves a standing ovation for allowing criminals to eke out a living during the current recession. Mazel tov!

Mayor Eric Adams is expected to implore state lawmakers to rethink the no-bail lawlessness today. I asked my Magic 8 Ball if the commies running New York state will cave and allow the cops to keep criminals in jail. The response was a snarky “Concentrate and ask again.” Touche, Magic 8 Ball. You’ve cut me to the quick!

To make matters worst, a lefty judge from the Bronx allowed a man with a big scary tactical semi-automatic .22 rifle, 500 rounds of ammo, and an extended magazine to dance out of court on supervised release. A seemingly odd choice for a city “cracking down on gun violence.” She also let out a murder suspect on $5,000 bail the same day.

Nothing stops violent or career criminals quite like a love tap on the wrist.

New York City is looking down the throat of a scorching heat wave, and that usually means the crime-o-meter will jump. Check back for more woke-related crimes, and we’ll see how many innocent people have fallen victim, compliments of the progressive, lefty mob crushing New York City.

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