MARK LEVIN destroys biased media coverage of FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

Left-wingers believe that the FBI raid on former president Donald J. Trump’s home was completely justified. Mark Levin wants to know how Democrats know the FBI was justified. Were they tipped off? This is a Stalinist mindset, and that’s the nature of the Democrat party.

Mark looked at several unprecedented acts against Trump under a microscope in this video. “Pelosi violated the traditional way impeachments are conducted,” Mark said, “and that has never been done before … Impeaching a man who is not president anymore has never been done before. [Congress] triggered a special counsel investigation without a predicate required in the department of justice regulations. That has never been done before.”

Let’s not forget about the January 6 committee or the Democrats’ complete disregard for the Constitution. Now, 90 days before the midterm elections, we have a former president who is likely to want to run for president again being raided by the FBI for reasons related to the Presidential Records Act.

This is the criminalizing of politics like we’ve never seen before.

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