Overwhelming 62% of college Democrats would never share a dorm room with a Trump supporter, but a whopping 73% said Biden shouldn’t run again: Poll

College students who are Democrats have such an overwhelming disdain for Trump supporters that a majority of them would never be roommates with someone who backed former President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

NBC News/Generation Lab conducted a poll of 1,077 college sophomores of the class of 2025 between Aug. 12-17. The survey of the college students found that Democrat college students were far more unlikely to embrace Republicans than vice-versa.

The survey found that 62% of college Democrats would probably or definitely not room with someone who supported the opposing presidential candidate in 2020. When asked the same question, only 28% of college Republicans said they wouldn’t want to be roommates with someone who supported President Joe Biden.

There were 53% of college students who said they probably or definitely not go on a date with someone who supported a political candidate from the other side in 2020. There were 63% who said they wouldn’t marry someone who supported the opposite political party in 2020.

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However, 73% of Democrat supporters overwhelmingly called for Biden not to run again. However, there were 57% of Republican supporters who want Trump to run again.

A 19-year-old Republican told NBC News, “A person’s political views do not affect whether or not I would have a friendship or relationship with them. Many of my friends have vastly different political views than I do, but I do not let that affect our friendship.”

While referencing Trump, an 18-year-old college student declared, “I could never live with someone who supported a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and sexist person.”

The participants were heavily skewed towards Democrats, with 54% of the survey-takers saying they would vote for a Democratic candidate if the election for the U.S. Congress were held today versus only 23% who said they would vote for a Republican.

When asked about the top political issues, the participants named rights for all, the economy, climate, and abortion.

There were 49% who said that abortion should be legal in all cases, 33% said legal in most cases, 14% said illegal in most cases, and 4% said illegal in all cases.

The poll found that 67% of the college students got their news from social media, followed by 10% from a news website, and only 7% from television.

A poll published last month also highlighted the ever-growing political divide in the nation.

A poll from the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics found that 28% of American voters – including 37% who own guns – believe “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.” There were 45% of “strong Republicans” who said it could be necessary to take up arms against the U.S. government versus only 21% of “strong Democrats.”

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