‘How are you, baby?’ Biden’s wandering speech takes a CREEPY turn when he notices 9-year-old in audience​​​

President Joe Biden set off more than a few perv-o-meter alarms on Tuesday when he suddenly stopped in the middle of a speech about America being “safer” to make creepy comments to a 9-year-old (presumably a little girl) in the audience.

At an event in Pennsylvania, the president, who once promised to
bring America together, unite our people, and unite our nation, prattled on aimlessly about “MAGA Republicans” and the never-ending horrors of the January 6 “insurrection.”

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He taunted “brave right-wing Americans” who believe guns are an important deterrent against government overreach.

He claimed “the Mexicans” have “real problems” with “gun trafficking across the southern border, into Mexico.”

He told the most hilarious joke (you’ve heard a thousand times before) and a few complete whoppers that were almost as funny as his complete lack of knowledge about guns and ammunition, as Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere discussed on “The Glenn Beck Program” Wednesday.

President Biden even shared a bizarre, meandering story about … well, we’re not sure what it was about, but it sounded pretty darn racist.

But the creepiest moment of the whole insufferable event came when the president suddenly stopped his super unifying speech to ask a child in the audience, “How are you, baby? How old are you? How old are you? … almost double figures!”

So creepy indeed!

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