HAHA! Loser Liz Cheney Lectures Republicans on Confronting President Trump


Just think. It was only three weeks ago that Liz Cheney got shellaked in the Wyoming GOP primary race for nearly 40 points.

DOWN GOES CHENEY! WARMONGER SPANKED AND SENT HOME TO DADDY! Wyoming 2022 Primary Results …Update: Hageman Trounces Cheney by 37 Points!

Liz is not just disliked — she’s hated in the state by Republican voters.

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Following her colossal loss, Cheney immediately compared herself to Abe Lincoln.

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The woman has problems.

But the woman can’t help herself and today was back out lecturing Republicans on what they need to do next with President Trump.

She just doesn’t get it.

Liz tweeted out something on political violence.

She must have been asleep the entire summer of 2020.

What a loser she is.

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