Heartwarming video: Strangers in Argentina come together as a community to help lost boy find his dad

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A boy and his dad who had gotten separated in a public square in Argentina were shortly thereafter reunited, thanks to the community spirit of the local crowd.

According to local reports, a young boy named Juan Cruz somehow lost his father in a crowd at Plaza Dorrego in Buenos Aires, Argentina, some time last month. Based on a video which has since gone viral, Juan was distraught that he couldn’t find his father.

He needn’t have worried. Dozens of people nearby worked together to find his father and reunite him with his son. A very tall unidentified man wearing a Paris Saint-Germain football club t-shirt with Lionel Messi’s name on the back swept the boy up and placed him on his shoulders so that Juan would have a better view of the crowd — and to put Juan in a better position to be seen by his father.

Then others seated at tables nearby began chanting the name of Juan’s father: Eduardo. Even a local band chimed in and began repeating the name into the microphone. The musicians then had some fun and turned the situation into an impromptu song. “Eduardo, come pick up Juan Cruz,” they sang in Spanish as the crowd clapped along.

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The singing and clapping worked. While the tall man was still dancing around the square with Juan on his shoulders, the camera pans to a man in the fringes of the crowd hustling towards the commotion. The man, obviously Juan’s father Eduardo, then scoops his son into his arms as the crowd continued to sing, clap, and cheer.

Millions of people have watched the video since the Good News Movement shared it on Instagram on August 23. It was posted with the caption “HUMANITY: These kindhearted Argentines come together to chant the father’s name Eduardo to help the boy find his dad who he lost in the crowd.”

It is unclear when exactly the incident occurred.

According to Sara Barnes of My Modern Met, this method for locating loved ones lost in a crowd is fairly common practice in South America.

H/T: Michigan Capitol Confidential

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