Former school bus driver accused of stalking and threatening 8-year-old and placing trackers on his parents’ cars

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A former school bus driver is being accused of stalking and threatening an 8-year-old and tracking the cars of the boy’s parents.

A statement from the U.S. Attorney’s office in New Hampshire said that 39-year-old Michael Chick of Eliot, Maine, was arrested after a search of his home on August 5.

Parents of the boy reported to Greenland Central School in April that they discovered the bus driver had been giving their son and daughter gifts. They claimed that the driver left notes at their home when they were absent from school saying that he missed them.

Chick was warned to stay away from the child, but in July, the family said they found two cell phones hidden in a Pokemon lunchbox that the bus driver had allegedly given the boy.

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Investigators were able to obtain video surveillance of interactions between the driver and the boy from the school bus. They alleged that Chick threatened by telling him that some secret group called “The Team” would kidnap him and torture him if he didn’t do what Chick said.

Police also reportedly obtained threatening notes Chick had given to the child.

Investigators said that Chick also placed tracking GPS monitors on the cars of the boy’s parents, and that he had even walked outside of their home at night on numerous instances.

“You’ve had too many chances,” read one of the notes. “Make this happen now or the kid disappears.”

The affidavit claimed the Chick confessed to making the threats to the child in an interview with investigators. He also allegedly confessed to placing trackers on the parents’ cars and investigators were able to find those as well.

United States Attorney Jane E. Young said in the statement that Chick was charged with one count of cyberstalking.

Chick is no longer working for First Student as a bus driver, and they released a statement about the incident.

“At First Student, we take these charges very seriously,” the statement read. “Behavior such as this is completely unacceptable and at odds with what we stand for as a company. First Student no longer employs the driver. We are cooperating with the authorities and given that this is an active investigation, we are unable to comment further.”

The Greenland Police Department and Department of Homeland Security are continuing the investigation into the allegations.

Police put out a hotline for other parents to call if they thought their children might have also been targeted by Chick.

Here’s a local video about the startling incident:

Police ask parents to come forward after NH bus driver accused of stalking boy

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