Climate activists to disrupt traffic with a puppet and banners  during rush hour in Boston to protest fossil fuels

A group of climate activists is
planning to disrupt busy traffic routes in Boston with a puppet and banners in order to “Stop Fossil Fuels.”

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation tweeted about the protest threat to warn drivers.

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Officials said that the protest would begin on Wednesday at about 7 a.m. during rush hour, but that the group had not announced where it would be disrupting traffic.

“We Must Act Now On the Climate and Ecological Emergency,” read the post from the Extinction Rebellion Boston climate change group.

“Join us early Wednesday morning as we meet rush hour commuters to make some noise and demand Stop the Fossil Fuel Industry, Now!’ We’ll have a giant sun puppet, colorful banners and flags — plus coffee and donuts for the Morning Rebels!” the website read.

The group indicated that members would meet at Post Office Square and march to downtown Boston as part of the protest. They said they would have as many as 50 protesters and would target at least five traffic sites for the demonstration.

Extinction Rebellion has been previously involved in climate protests in Boston. In one instance, the group blocked traffic by blocking the entrance to the Massachusetts Turnpike with a 30-foot boat. In another incident, members were arrested after chaining themselves to a large pink boat parked near Gov. Charlie Baker’s home. The boat had “Climate Emergency” stenciled across it.

In a similar traffic protest in 2021, New York City residents furiously accosted protesters who blocked traffic during rush hour in Manhattan. The group responded by saying New York City would be underwater by 2100 if its demands were ignored.

It is unclear how a giant sun puppet would help stop fossil fuels on Wednesday.

Here’s more about the climate traffic protest:

Environmental groups planning to block traffic around Boston

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